best Hand pump?

Hey I have a new boat on the way that I will soon be outfitting. I was just wondering what is the best hand pump. The one I currently have is a pretty cheesy plastic one that’s not very easy to pump. I want something that’s bullet proof, and if possible something that pumps more then the standard pump. NO plastic shafts. And if it will double as a super soaker even better!!! L

I’ll be serious
Originally had a standard issue grey and red Beckson. Worked fine, but I worried about the shaft material (turns out that there is an aluminum stiffiner. Last year bought one of the new yellow jobs with a stainless shaft.

The yellow pump (Aqua-something) does a great job of throwing water many 20 or more feet - so good that I used it on a raft trip to soak adjacent boats. By the end of the day it was nearly locked up. I disassembled it, cleaned and lubed it, but it still isn’t right.

The Beckson keeps pumpin’ along. Doesn’t throw water as far, but the farther the water goes the more effort expended pumping.

I vote for the beckson


I wonder if you could make one
My husband made his own Super Soaker out of PVC pipe.

Hmmm, this may be somthing for me to try…an elbow or T joint, a straight pipe, a SS rod, what else…

Yes, you can…
I recently saw a web story about making your own. Unfortunately I don’t have the address. I’ll keep searching, as it appears that I have lost all desire to finish out this day by performing any worthwile work.


Try this link
I’m blocked here at work from going to Geocities, so I could not verify the link. Search was for kayak+pump+pvc.

Good luck!


The fancy yellow pump
is indeed quite good. OTOH, I have never seen a beckson fail. If you have please consider posting or e-mailing.

I agree
It is a good pump… but I ruined it in one day of using it as a super soaker. Your milage mat vary.


In the latest t issue of one of the Yak mags I forget which, they had an advertisement for a new pump that WS makes? But they have no info on there web site about it. Anyway I am such a gear freak. As for the color, I think I will paint it to match my boat! L

What I meant was
the yellow pump is good, but I ruined one.


So how does one do this
How does one: A. use the pump as a super soaker and B. ruin it? are you restricting the output to increase range? I could see how that could blow a valve. Or are you just pumping really hard. How do you ruin a pump by pumping?

Thanks for your attention to this serious inquiry.

I was surfing an Australia site and it seems that by law you must have a foot pump. Or an electric one. Makes since, I was always wondering how you brace while you are pumping out the water. Also with a foot pump it seems like you could put your skirt on while you pump the water out.

Spend a day rafting on the Youghiogheny River with a bunch of kids.

Pull the pump out at the first opportunity below Cucumber Rapid.

Pump like crazy in order to soak the attacking rafters, who are armed only with technologically inferior bailing buckets.

Repeat in every pool.

Get attacked by a mass of adolescents who steal your pump. Adolescents will then use it to suck up water, debris, sand and who knows what else.

Ta Dah! Locked up pump.



Dam adolescents
will get you every time!!

Aquabound pump
I agree that it’s a lot more fun than the red/grey pumps and I like it better, but I’ve never actually compared their pumping capacity and efficiency. Better add that to the to-do list.