Best heavy duty canoe hoist for garage?

Hi all,
I am looking to hoist a heavy old town ll bean canoe up to garage joists.

What product or system will be the best for a heavier than usual canoe?


How heavy is “heavier than usual”?

It’s a pretty hefty canoe, similar models are around 90 lbs, so we’ll say 100lbs.

With fishing kayaks going well over 100 lb there should be many available. Look in YouTube I think there are some videos of homemade one.

I have one of these:


Home Depot, Amazon, etc. have it in stock.

I should have added that I use the Rad Sportz Hoist for my big Wilderness Systems Northstar tandem which weighs at least 94 lbs.

I also just ordered one of those rad sportz for use with a old town Tripper (which is somewhere around 80lb) and feel confident it’ll work well enough for the task.

I found it best to use parts sourced at the local hardware store. Check the design (go for a two rope system) and get the small pulleys and ropes for it. It will hold more weight and the pulleys are smoother.

We use this for our Mirage Oasis Kayak which weighs approx 130 with the accessories we’ve added to it:
(Ceiling Hoist | Kayak Ceiling Hanger | Kayak Pulley Storage | Suspenz)

We love it!

Thank you everyone, I will have some minor construction to do also to secure a better spot on garage trusses.

That Suspenz hoist posted by paddler521454 looked familiar, and I found that it’s the same as the Harken Hoister. Same product, just different brand name. The Harken is pretty pricy, maybe the Suspenz version isn’t as expensive.

Anything close to $200 dollars you might as well just buy the 400 lb electric pulleys for $100 each on Amazon

I wonder why they don’t have many reviews on Amazon? Or anywhere else online from what I can find. We’ve had ours for about 5 years. It looks like there are quite a few options now online - some that have lots of great reviews.