Best hood for cold water rolling

I know tuliq would be ideal, but having 3 different cockpit sizes 2-3 tuliqs would be

pricey. I have a bare neo surf hood which is

really warm but allows water under bottom of

hood up the neck. I was looking at the

chillcheater hood and it looked like a tighter

fighting hood around the neck. Any experience

with this hood or any other products worth


Go to a dive shop
I use a plain vanilla neoprene diver’s hood. Works great, and you can tuck the bib inside the flap of your drysuit.

I have a tuiliq, but I find it to be too warm to paddle in, and it’s real tight over my drysuit at the wrists. I use it mostly for rolling sessions.

Henderson Hyperflex full hood w/ bib

Tuilik fit, tuck into drysuit neck flap over the neck gasket. If you don’t have a flap, it is possible to put it on and then get into the drysuit so that it’s under the neck gasket. just make sure the seal has no wrinkles and then make sure the face seal is tight.


Henderson hoods
From a dive shop, if you think you’d like to go to the greater thckinesses like 5mm.

Thanks forgot about dive shops
I’ll check out some local dive shops for these

and similar products.

Careful wat yer ett…
before puttin’ on yer cold water suit… Dun’t want dis ta happen do yer?

FE (Dun’t know who dat be but it ain’t me)

But you owe me a keyboard cleaning as I spit my coffee laughing so hard. This is what I ordered and its got a slim fitting neck bib without excess material that fits tight on the outside of the drysuit neck gasket but under the drysuit outer flap.

As a side note - this sucker is too tight to wear for too long without making your face look like a grape!

Dive Rite Drysuit Hood 5mm $31.95