Best Hybrid/Crossover for Non-skirt Use?

I am considering a Remix XP10. I am going to be on slow moving rivers, with occasional playing around shoals, sometimes going upstream to increase intensity. I have a couple of Pungo rec. boats now and want a swiftier boat, where I can feel like I am WW playing with a few techniques here and there while otherwise cruising a line. With my casual, flexible approach, I am not the kind of person who will be good at using a skirt, for isolated “fake whitewater” experiences during an otherwise lazy paddle. So my question is, is the XP10 side profile too low for me knowing that I would be going mostly without skirt? I don’t want to take on too much water while just fooling around in the shoals WW, etc. Do other boats offer a higher “side wall” while still having a more WW hull plus drop skeg?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Pyranha Fusion

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may have the edge over the XP10, smaller cockpit and the hatch is supposed to be more watertight.

being down South though you could also consider a SOT -- I tried a couple SINK river runners but ended up buying a LiquidLogic Coupe. Not so great for going upstream, but LOTS of fun in Class I-III and you can swim & fish off of it too.

I have never understood aversion to wearing a skirt. Wearing a skirt gives you many more options. Wearing a skirt is no big deal. The heat factor is exaggerated. It is easy to get out of a boat with a skirt on. But then, there is no accounting for taste. Either get a SOT or a SINK with way too much volume.

Yeah he should look into sit on tops

XP10, Fusion are skirt boats. Avoid if
you don’t want to deal with a skirt. Same is true of sea and touring kayaks. Sometimes you can use them without skirts, but to realise their true potential and purpose----- well, that’s what that cockpit rim is for.

I may get an XP10. And I’ll go out of the store with a skirt that fits. The skeg I could do without.

Fusion skeg

The skeg on the Fusion makes the boat much more useful on flatwater (longer distances).


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The Fusion (the Remix probably too) really "want" a skirt.

"Playing" usually means edging (even on flatwater) and a skirt keeps the water out when doing that.

Tried a Pungo and …
You think a 10 foot boat will be swifter??? I’d go for a faster boat which means longer than your Pungo.

If you don’t want to wear a skirt then I’d get a sit on top. I don’t always wear a skirt with a sink but I usually bring it along just in case I want it.

OK, much appreciated!
OK, much appreciated!

I think you make good points about a skirt - I have not even tried it, figure it was complicated to go back and forth if desired. I was talking about my ensuring my usual closeby slower ride opportunities would be OK without; but I should’ve said, I am excited about also adding a skirt, and really going for it, growing my prospects. Soon enough I might graduate from the Chattahoochee to the Chatooga. I feel having two SINKs already, I should really go for a SOT, but have just been a little afraid of it, somehow too exposed, I worry, but need to give it a better shot. The coupe looks amazing. I should’ve better said that I am after a more shifty shoal circling shifty ride, verus faster… I am hopefully looking at an XP10 this weekend, and includes a skirt… Thanks again!

the advantage of the SOT is you can have fun getting wet without swamping! (see the pic in my profile) if you take a swim deliberately or otherwise, you can just climb back on. really easy to step off and over rocks and obstacles also.

you’re right about mixing it up, I like having the Coupe as a different angle on kayaking… plus you can bring a cooler along :slight_smile:

Now you are making me think…
^ you are really making me think now, because the things you speak of have pegged “my thing.” I had gotten bored and so the “accidental” spills and back upstream portage have become part of the adventure plan for me. Usually, I am trying to get a little wet, but the Chattahoochee is mountain stream cold, so I would want to feel like I could be dry in the later fall weather, still using the SOT, if I wanted to be relatively dry, but could just stay clear of the splashy stuff then. If you haven’t seen them, LL has some great videos of the Coupe SOT with skeg, some high and dry rec. vids, and some more major ww action. I have also been looking at the Fusion, but wish they had more chill color options. Thanks much.

for the Fall
just get some appropriate paddling clothes regardless of what boat you’re using – something like NRS Blackrock pants, with a paddling top and neoprene booties will keep you mostly dry and warm. I also have a shorty wetsuit for warm sun/cool water days, and a full drysuit.

try out the LL Coupe if you can! the hull is based off the XP10 design and has the same maneuverability, the base boat is fairly inexpensive but the deluxe seat & thigh straps are worth the extra $.

Remix et al
I am a fan of Liquidlogic (I have a Remix 69 for whitewater) and the Remix XP 10 ( ) is a versatile boat, but I agree that it really should be used with a skirt if you’re in anything that isn’t flat water.