Best Inflatable kayak?

Thinking about getting my 11 y/o son an Inflatable

Kayak, but at the same time, I know I will use it myself time to time. I’ve been looking at the Sevylor SVX100 and the SVX200, but have not made any decision yet. We will mainly use it on rivers with class I and II rapids. Would appreciate any advise.

don’t like
kayaks and don’t like west marine, BUT my weekly catalog from them has some what appear to be very high quality inflatable kayaks. Brand name is “advanced elements”. They have two solos and 2 tandems(one converts to solo).Also have a store brand solo at $100 off. Check WEST MARINE website. If you need more info let me know. Matt

Pretty Decent Ducky
I have an SVX100 that I used for whitewater. I haven’t had it out for years, but it was a pretty decent boat for the price. Durable. But slow on the flat.

I have a Stearns, too. It is a little faster on the flat, but not as good for whitewater

We’re campers, beginning paddlers, and are looking at inflatables too with the idea of using them on middling lakes and slow rivers. We’ve looked at the Innova Solar and Safari. Has anyone had any experience with them? Would appreciate advice including other brands to consider. Thx

I’m partial to the Innova kayaks for overall quality and performance in the water. It will cost you a little more initially but will be a kayak both you and your son can enjoy for years. I take my son out in an Innova Sunny and he likes that. The seat can be switched so a solo paddler can sit in the middle. I’m not sure how that would work size wise for an 11 year old, but as a tandem I think you’d both enjoy it, and when he gets older, either of you can use it solo.

Class II would be wet tandem and you’d have to dump. Something similar to the SVC that you could both use is the Innova Safari also…and it is self bailing… The Safari takes a few more minutes to adapt to but with that you will learn more balance to grow into something else.

See my website for more info on the innova’s and a few others. They also sell a smaller Junior but probably too small for you to use.

The Sevylor is probably ok,but I’m not a big fan of even their SVX designs, a real pain to clean and dry and some bells and whistles, but cheap bells and whistles.

Innova Inflatables; resources
I would second the endorsement of Innova Inflatables. My wife and I have paddled a Sunny for about four years, and recently purchases a second for our expanding family. They are simple to set up and maintain, and the workmanship and material are excellent. I’ve paddled both in and with plastic 12 foot boats and found the flatwater performance to be very similar. My brother paddles a OT Castine (fast for a 12-13’ boat), and although I give up a little glide, it is quite easy to stay with him.

The best resource I found for good, impartial information on inflatable kayaks is:

They have a wealth of information, including why they don’t sell some of the boats mentioned in this thread.

check these out
You might want to consider KwikTech’s Airheads can get the solo for less than 250.00 or the tandom about 300.00 at Dicks or Cabelas. I have three of them for the kids. My daughters 13 -16 do class 1-2+ all the time and have done class 3 in them. A friends 8 yr.old paddled one while we were on vaction in WV down the upper New with no problems. Like all inflatables they leave much to be desired on still water. I have paddled several inflatables some over the 1000 buck price tag. I believe for the money they can’t be beat…