Best K1 for choppy/ Harbour races

Hi, just curious to see others opinions and maybe even make a note of what next to get. Currently I use my really old (1974) Kirton Espada for harbour races, dealing with 1-3 foot swell. And yes I want to be that guy that uses a K1 racing against Sea kayaks so no sea kayaks or surf skis for me.

Westside Boat Shop Marauder
Came in 2nd in the treacherous 2015 Blackburn Challenge, wiping out all the surfskis, except one.

Maybe check out the Van Deusen Mohican?

Nice. What boat where you using or is that what you have recommended?

Stellar Apex?
Have you looked at the Stellar Apex K-1?

I was on a group paddle last week with a guy who was training in one. Beautiful boat and he was really moving.