Best K1 for choppy/ harbour races

Hi, just curious to see others opinions and maybe even make a note of what next to get. Currently I use my really old (1974) Kirton Espada for harbour races and as it's such an old design it's more stable yet slower than modern K1s. I'm talking about dealing with 1-3 foot swell and then boat wash, can get as big as 4 feet before k1s become a no go. And yes I want to be that guy that uses a K1 racing against Sea kayaks so no sea kayaks or surf skis for me.

wrong forum
First post I’ve ever seen on this forum for a boat even bordering on a K1. You need a racing forum, this isn’t it.

It’s mostly beginners here.

Bill H.

Bill is right. Having said that, the boats that come to mind are the fast racing kayaks by Kayakpro. They’ve got a range that go from pure K1 to seaworthy versions of K1 style hulls.