Best kayak camp trip in texas 2-5 days?

My brother and I are planning a trip for 3-5 days of Kayaking and camping somewhere in Texas in the September/October time frame of this year. Any recommendations for the following we would appreciate it.

  1. Great fishing
  2. scenery
  3. camping
  4. weather

    Fishing and scenery being the most important. we have never done anything of this nature before, but are very familiar with the outdoors and in good physical shape. not that it matters, but we are planning a trip for a 10 year anniversary of our time in the Marine Corps and in Iraq 2004, so what trips would be unforgettable?!?!?

lake or river ?
September/October rivers may be too low, especially in drought conditions

Caddo Lake, on the TX/LA border is an option.

a big chunk of the lake is Cypress swamp (or whatever you would call it) - there are marked canoe routes through the cypress forest - marked by license plates nailed to the trees, each route marked by a different state’s plates (no motor boats in that section of the lake)

that’s what I recall from a trip there back in 1980. a friend and I rented a canoe and camped for 2 or 3 nights on islands in that cypress forest (we started from TX side - don’t recall if we crossed into LA or not) - scenery is nice, fairly unique and wild as you are paddling thru the forest; not sure about the fishing, but I’d guess it to be fairly good. google to see what info you can find

Please look at the
Colorado River post on this board. They’re discussing a trip from Austin eastward. It’s not the Colorado River of Grand Canyon fame, but it looks like an interesting paddle trip.

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Two buddies and I did a, two night, three day, 40 mile trip on the Neches river a couple years back. We did it in January. It was plenty warm, beautiful and an easy enough trip for our first paddling outing. we had one kayak and one canoe. It’s a gorgeous river that runs through the Neches Wildlife Reserve I strongly recommend it.