Best kayak / canoe Hyrbid

Kind of the solo/ tandem dilema. But no longer wanting the tight cockpit or skirt, but needing the paddling efficiency of a kayak or ability to go double blade or bent shaft in the same day. Combined with the comfort and ease of getting to things on the water and portage ability of a canoe. Besides expensive decked canoes like the Rob Roy or Krugers what fits this order? Seems like the new Native Watercraft Ultimate’s might be it but they seem to be very rare and not yet in full production (the 16’ that is). I read some earlier comments about the 30 inch wide tunnel hull being slow to paddle, too early in the season to have demo’d one quite yet.

Ultimate 16
Just purchased an ultimate 16 and have paddled it just a few times. It handles well with either a double or single blade paddle and tracks great. I really don’t have problems keeping up with the kayaks but we are a laid back bunch. It does sit low in the water and might not be the best choice for rough water. Last weekend I paddled with a large person in front and myself (215lb Male) in the back and it does flounder a bit side to side like you are sitting on a log. Still very stable and probably best suited for an adult and small child or lightweigh person in front. I paddle it single from the rear position and like that better than from the middle.

Mad River
Synergy. noy much info out there on them (12 and 14 footers) but they’re a hoot. we had a couple of 'em out at Charleston in 20-25 knots of wind and running on a following sea is a hoot.

you can get a rudder, use a single or 2X paddle and it’s pretty effecient moving thru the water.


Pack Canoes
Mad River’s synergy and Native Watercraft’s Ultimate are roto molded pack canoes at 50#.

Sit on a low seat, use a double paddle with foot pegts and backband like a touring yak but enter and load through an open top.

Composite manufactures offering lower weights and more efficient shapes include Bell Canoe, Hemlock Canoes, Hornbeck Boats, Placid boatworks and Vermont Canoe and Kayak.

Maybe a Folder
Like Folbot Klepper Wayland or Pakboat?

Ditto on folders
I have a folding Nautiraid Double with a long, open cockpit that can be reconfigured for both solo and tandem paddling. I believe you can do that with the Folbot and Klepper doubles that Chuck mentioned as well. Great all around boat.

Do folders work with single blades?
Do they work with bent shaft canoe paddles? That was part of the original poster’s question.

Check Out Superior Canoes
This is a Michigan company which produces a great decked canoe, currently called the “Soaring Eagle”. Is also producing Sawyer canoes.

Scott Smith


Brett, I’ve asked Scott to advertise with you, but he’s not an internet junkie like me, so I’ll post some advertisements for him (right after Canoecopia).


Hurricane Santee Expedition?

Have only read one review but it might be worth a test paddle.

I use a canoe paddle
with my Aerius 2. The bigger ones are well suited to single blades.

Mine is also pretty beamy
so I’m guessing it would also work (though I haven’t tried)

Several solo canoes come to mund.
Put a cover on them and you have a canyak. Wenonah Voyager or Advantage, Bell Majic, Summersong.