Best Kayak cart?

I just moved into a new apartment with a long shared hallway, and my kayak is in a storage closet all the way at the other end of the hall from my parking garage. Rather than have to carry it on my shoulder I thought it would be much easier to get a cart to wheel it from the storage closet to my car. What is/are the best one? Thanks!

for what you are using it for, I would measure the openings of your bow or stern storage and get a cart that has wheels small enough to easily store the cart inside of the kayak. I personally use a cart from NRS that fits in all of my different kayaks, and is decent for portaging over most surfaces I find myself on.

Also measure the length of your largest hatch to make sure the body of the cart will fit. I purchased a Wheeleez cart three years ago. Wanted solid tires. It works well on firm terrain, but not on sand. Need sand tires. Wish I could find some that fit the cart. The manufacturer prefers you buy a second cart and doesn’t make interchangeable tires available.

Tires fit in the hatch on my 12-foot rec boat, but had to store the cart body behind the seat. When I moved up to longer kayaks, hatch storage was not an issue.

I found a set of soft foam covered tires off of a pull behind golf cart fit perfectly, and are wide enough for sand. I like the standard plastic wheels from NRS are best for rocks and vegitation.