Best kayak cart

Best option for a light/compact kayak cart that tucks away inside a bulkhead during a paddle.
Made my own, but would like the option to be able to take one with me that’s much more compact.

Which kayak are you paddling? Hatch covers round or oval? Or one of each?

I’ll be upgrading my kayak within the next couple months… most likely a tsunami 145 or Stratos 14.5L. Both have a round on the front and oval on the back.

I have a WheelEEZ® Kayak Cart Mini with Tuff Tires. It breaks down and fits into the hatches of all three of my kayaks (14 to 17 ft). Also got the same cart with the fat sand tires, which also breaks down.

There are other carts by different manufacturers based on the same design and dimensions.

I use this one and it definitely fits in my Stratos rear hatch with wheels removed:

Small cart, which between its shape and the dual straps, holds straight with direction of boat (others don’t do that as well). Downside, the wheels are too narrow for sand and the cart has to be mounted near end of boat, so you end up lifting up more of the weight of the boat than you would with a dolly that could be mounted more center.

Definitely the Seattle Sports Molly cart. I can fit it into my low volume 10" round rear hatch and with the exception of soft sand, it works great!!

Thanks for info will be ordering one.