Best kayak compass?

Hi everyone. I’m trying to find out the best compasses for a kayak. I’d prefer one that doesn’t have to be screwed to the deck, but I’m not opposed to it if it’s the best compass. Thanks for your help!

I have had a Suunto Orca for about 4 years. This one has 2 bungy cords with plastic carabingers that I was able to connect to my deck cords and mount just forward of the cockpit. The first season I removed it and put in in the bag unless I was actually kayaking. That lasted a year and them I got lazy and left it on. It’s been operating flawlessly for as long as I have had it, and I don’t see any signs of wear. I expect it to last forever.

It doesn’t have magnetic compensation, but as long as you know what your deviation is, it will get you home again.

Hard to answer your question if we don’t know what matters to you and how you use a compass.

I agree with Dr. Disco…
What kind of boat do you have? What kind of needs when you go paddling? Have you taken a boat navigation class? When I added a compass to my boats, I had two criterias. 1-It’s a good idea to have a compass. It can get you out of trouble in many circumstances. 2-I got tired of looking at that God-forsaken empty space at the bow of my kayak! (LOL!)

I also carry a spare small compass inside my emergency tool kit. Many goiod brands out there. I was “in the same boat” as you not too long ago. Trying to find alternative brands to the Bruton. Ar the end, for my needs, the Bruton seemed perfect.

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