Best kayak for fishing on a budget?

Stuck between the vibe skipjack90 and the pelican blitz 100x, I’m 5ft7 190lbs so I’m not sure if the skipjack is to small or not, any experience with these or other choices?

What type of water will you be paddling? Ocean, large lakes, small lakes, calm rivers, fast flowing rivers? What distances will you need to cover to get to your fishing grounds?

Mostly small to medium lakes, not long distance paddling

Either should do what you want. These are basic, entry-level kayaks good for calm water (not really good for moving water or large lakes/ocean). They do the job without a lot of the niceties a better kayak comes with.

If how you transport and where you store would allow for a longer boat, you may find some significant benefits to getting something more like 12 feet long. A longer boat would be more willing to go straight (shorter boats like to turn), can hold more speed, and carry more gear.

A way to get a better kayak on a budget be to buy a used kayak. Used kayaks usually run 1/3 to 2/3rd of new price, but usually just have some cosmetic scratches on them (but the scratches don’t impact how it paddles).