best kayak for kayak sailing?


I was reading about kayak sailing and it looks really fun. I personally would not want to drill into a composite kayak or carbon one, but was thinking I might try to put a sail on my plastic Orca 14. Would that be a good choice or should I think about getting a different kayak (longer, certain kind of hull?) for kayak sailing?

Thank you.

Brian Trusty

Best Kayak for Kayak Sailing
Get a hold of a little British book SAIL YOUR CANOE. It tells you everything you might want to know about fitting out a kayak for sailing. I’m planning to do something of the same with a Perception/Aquaterra Keowee 2, a rotomolded poly boat.

John Dunn

Check out the sailing kits on the Wildwasser / Prijon web site.


A Klepper or Long Haul
with a Balogh Batwing

CLC Mill Creek
Can be fitted with a Sail rig

Just found this:

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It can cover some distance pretty fast.

Thanks for the wildnet link, those look pretty cool too. Are those or the Balogh Batwings better?

I will look for the book that was suggested. I don't think I want a folding kayak, don't know anything about them. I don't think I want to make my own kayak either, but thanks for the ideas.

A Sailing kayak
For a true hybrid, have a look at this.

My husband who is both a sailor and a kayaker says it looks like a blast.

Best Kayak for Kayak Sailing
In a previous post I suggested a slender little British paperback entitled SAIL YOUR CANOE, by John Bull. Subsequently I went out on the Internet and was astounded to discover that this little book, which I bought for $11.95 about 6 years ago, is going for over $100 in the US and close to 200 pounds in England! Not sure what’s going on here, but I plan to do some more research. I spent some time with it last night and no matter what your plans, this gives you a very good explanation of the various physical factors you have to consider when fitting out your kayak. And don’t be put off by the word “canoe” in the title - I believe the Brit’s use the term differently, or at least did.

John Dunn

true hybrid?
I think the TRIAK is leaning towards the compact trimaran sailers,though not as bad as a Windrider, i still wouldn’t wanna be paddling it any distance because it sits high-you’ll need a long paddle to reach the water,which will be harder to use,and it’ll have a lot of windage sitting so high. They are very pretty looking light fast looking sailboats,i’ve seen them at the Outdoor show but more of a sailboat than kayak.

My pick for a sailable kayak would be my gf’s Prowler 15. It’s VERY stable,has half decent speed,and it’s a sit on top so if you dump it’s easy to get back in,and has a rudder like any sail kayak should.

Sailing Canoes on Yahoo

Lots of kayaks as well as canoes.

Good stuff in the photo section as well as links.

IMO the best boat to sail is the one you’ve got.

I’ve rigged two of my canoes and it’s a blast!

I really don’t know

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But I bet a Pamlico 145T would make a better sailing kayak than a 21"x17' sea kayak.

Check out for experience in sailing kayaks

Don’t think it’s the best for sailing
But it sure is fun! Still on the learning curve.

The kayak is an Artisan Millenium from Kajaksport.


what tsunami said

– Last Updated: Aug-21-06 3:48 PM EST –, get in touch with him and he can hook you up. for sailing i would like a fairly roomy 16' rotomolded boat with enough rocker to be manuverable, bulkheads to be watertight, and a vertical stern that can easily take a big rudder. another alternative is clc sailrig, i personally don't have much interest in downwind only rigs. good luck, let us know about your progress.

Does the Triak
come with a Darth Vader helmet or is that extra?

Cool Sail boat.

Tough to lean.

Why bother paddling it?
I’ve always wonders about sail-conversions of any kind. Why not just a sail boat? It’ll get you everywhere you want. Men has done that for centuries.

When you feel like paddling, take out the kayak/canoe!

check these links

Seakayaking/sailing down under.

A kayak will not make a good all around sailer without outriggers. Downwind to a beam reach yes, but no upwind performance too narrow.

In a narrow kayak I would limit myself to a Sprit sail configuration.

Easy Rider kayaks have sailing rigs

I’ve been eyeing the EasyRider web site studing their multi platform boats. They seem to offer paddling/rowing/sailing kayaks. Their designs look to be multi tasking, and boats can be set up as a tri with outriggers or cats with two boats tied together.

The few reviews here on PNet seem positive. Has anyone actually paddled or sailed their boats?


I plan to use a Spirit Sail rig
on a CD Pachena that I recently bought - it’s fairly wide and has a rudder standard. I got the idea from product reviews by people who have done so successfully. It’s only a downwind rig, but it’s fairly inexpensive and you can buy a suction cup mounting plate so as not to drill holes in that shiny FG deck…

be careful, its addictive
theres something magical for me to balance the forces of nature in such a way that i am transported

A Smy: does that sail work? Do u like it