Best Kayak for kids/ small adults

I have decided on a Trident 11 angler by Ocean Kayak for myself, but I can’t decide on the right one for my son and/or wife. Weight range needs to be in the 100 to 150lb range. I want a SOT that has at least a little storage. It also needs to be good for slow rivers. I read a couple of reviews that complained of kayak hulls losing their integrity in 100+ degree conditions. Any suggestions or advise? Thanks

Kea by Ocean Kayak
For a SOT and kids/small adults, that’s the first that comes to mind.

Thanks a lot

my advice
don’t listen to those folks talking about hulls losing their integrity at 100 degrees.

hull integrity
Good. Thanks a lot.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon
for a good SOT. Jackson has a good looking line of new rec boats too.

Ocean Kayak Venus or Caper…
light enough for the smaller person to handle alone.


Yeah, I’m sure my plastic kayaks
have been over 100 degrees at times when driving around in the sun. Only thing to watch for is the way you strap them to the roof of your vehicle, and how hard you pull the straps or ropes. Some tautness is good, more may not be better.

If you’re in the weight realm AND have the power to manage 15’ of kayak… the Avocet-lv would appear (from afar) to be one of the few options that actually seem to be designed to fit:


Length: 15’11” (533cm)

Width: 20.5" (52cm)

Depth: 11.5” (29cm)

Weight*: 46lbs (21kg)

Plenty more fun craft if you’ve the capacity to handle them… but the Avocet-lv is on my list of possibles for my daughter :slight_smile:

kayak advice
Thanks for the info

kayak advice
Thanks for the info

Wilderness Systems Tarpon Advice
You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your advice earlier. I actually went to a dealer late this afternoon and looked at a Tarpon 120. It was very nice. Fortunately for me he also had a Ride 135 in stock as well. I tried it out and I’m sold. This is what I’ll be buying. Thanks for your response and great advice. Take care.

Ocean Yakboard?
I know a twelve year old who loves his.

If you can find one

Or Poco (same as the Kea)

Kids Sit on top
Check out the Liquid Logic Coupe…cool little 10 footer does it all