Best kayak instruction DVD???

Since I can’t find anywhere that gives instruction until Spring, I am looking into some DVDs. I want “self rescue” (rolling, wet exit, use of paddle float, etc.) and maybe some basic strokes and form. Any suggestions?

for rescues etc.
I like the Wayne Horodawitz (sp???) series from the University of Sea Kayaking.

+1 on the USK videos
Some parts are a bit slow, and some a bit too cursory, but overall, some really good content.

I also like Wayne Horodowich’s
rescue video. But I’m also biased as we are friends and I appear in his ABC’s of the Surf Zone.

If Paddling Perks membership 2008 here on Pnet, get additional discount at checkout. very strong video series.

Winter can be long
And there probably is no single DVD that says it all. My experience is that I learn something from every DVD that I study. Come Spring you can go out and test what you learned. Buy as many as you can afford. Watch them all. Think about them and watch them again. Form your own conclusions and test them. You may be surprised.

For rolling…
I’ve appreciated “EJ’s Rolling and Bracing” video. It’s in a whitewater boat, but the video is great. While I already knew how to roll, it’s been really helpful in helping me teach others to do it. Super clear and encouraging.

Interested in selling yours?
Otherwise, PNET for me.

good vid
(which one were you–the guy that got hammered, or the guy who got the day old peanut butter sandwich?)

for instruction
Nigel Foster’s series is nice. The Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking is a good all-in-one DVD, plus the settings/scenery is out of this world!

second idea
go on vacation in a place where paddling takes place year round (Florida, etc.) and get instruction there! :slight_smile:

Foster and Jackson
I agree, Foster’s videos are good, and high quality. The first one is really basic, and probably not worth buying, but I really liked the other ones.

JK’s rolling video is, in my opinion, the best one out there. It’s pretty practical, and it also has a good section on how to teach rolling. I have used some of his techniques myself with good success.

Or are you the wicked tall guy?
Oh, wait, that’s Wayne.

Sea Kayak Safety DVD - two thumbs up!
I personally like Leo Hoare and Olly Sanders offering.

Sorry, I watch them all evry winter.

Those guys were better compensated.
I got a free DVD.

It was funny, because when Wayne asked us to help, he wouldn’t tell us what video he was shooting. I guess he didn’t want us bailing when we heard we’d be in a surf video.

Very disconcerting to land in surf without any control on your part, other than to watch Wayne on the beach signal you with what he wants you to do.

BTW, I was the short pudgy guy in the green and white Gulfstream. One of the surf tips that I did was the one about keeping your gear in the surf.

If you want a really funny story about that, ask Wayne to tell you the next time you get to see him somewhere.

Thanks to all for the suggestions!! I’m also adding Kayaking DVD to my Christmas List. Mia

Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking DVD
Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking DVD produced by Ken Whiting is a nice DVD. Covers about everything.

I’ll look for you

I just ordered the “Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking” DVD. Maybe I’ll get my better half to get the Nigel Foster videos for me as a Christmas gift!