Best Kayak Magazine(s)?

I want to subscribe to a yak magazine or two that has great reviews. It would be nice to subscribe in net or email format so the articles could easily be saved.

Any suggestions?

Sea yacker…

Sea Kayaker magazine

thats waht I ment.

Atlantic Coastal Kayaker.
Wavelength published in BC is ok and it is free in many kayak/outdoor shops.

HullSpeed by far…

AC Kayaker
I like this magazine too since it’s specific to the NE and places where I would paddle. I usually pick up my copy at Campmor but might just get a subscription. I’ve picked up a bunch of free magazines at some paddling shows and I like the AC Kayaker the best even though it’s small.


Sea Kayaker and Atlantic Coastal Kayaker are my two favorites.

Early On…
I wanted to get my hands on everything I can read about kayaking. Magazines are the most visible and accessible – glossy pics, travelogues and some technique. But the intrigue of magazines quickly wear off. Most of it is advertizing.

Some good reference books and various forums provide more meat. With the latter, you have to be careful to seperate out the “posers” and “wannabees” from folks with good insight. And, none of it is worth anything unless you get and paddle and play. :slight_smile:

Two books I always recommend include Matt Broze’s “Deep Trouble” which give an overview of what can go wrong in sea kayaking and John Lull’s “Sea kayaking: Safety And Rescue.” The latter is really an outline for progressive training and skills development in sea kayaking. It’s the book I refer back to the most.

These days, if I happen to be in a bookstore, I may pick up a magazine and quickly glance through it. That’s about all it takes for me to absorb what there is to absorb.


Hullspeed is excellent!
But I wish they did kayak reviews like SK.

“Messing About in Boats”…
…published biweekly, email, phone 978-774-0906, address 29 Burley St., Wenham, MA 01984-1943. Small circulation, informal, appeals primarily to wooden boat builders/users, especially sailcraft, but often has articles/ads regarding paddlecraft. Mostly about

New England, but even fun to read in the PNW. I think they’d send a sample for a buck or two,maybe free.

AdventureKayak Magazine
It’s a fairly new magazine published in Canada with great content. I subscribe to both SeaKayaker Magazine and AdventureKayak Magazine. Both are great.


Paddle Dealer
"The Trade Magazine For Paddlesports".

Co-owned by A.C.A. and P.P.A. (Professional Paddlesports Association)- Only if you’re interested in the paddlesports market and industry.

Sea Kayaker is the most objective
They clearly identify what the manufacturer is claiming from what they think, and apply objective measuring techniques as well as multiple-paddler test opinion. C&K is okay, but a little too much hype for me. Paddler is a shill for the paddling equipment manufacturers. If you can’t read it between the lines, trace the ownership back to the paddlesports business association. I saw their editor demonstrating an advertiser’s products at a show - now that’s real editorial objectivity/distance.