Best Kayaks 2022

These choices are better than most lists I’ve seen.

The 11’ 9" Eddyline Rio as “Best Kayak for Ocean Touring”? (not to mention it’s a model sized for smaller framed people, not the average bro. No mention of that. But suited for “an Arctic paddling expedition”?!?!? WTF? Nice little day touring boat but I wouldn’t try to cross Lake George on a sunny day in one, and I am the right size for it.


Sure, a couple of the suggestions are decent (like the Stratos) but “best” categories? And even a dead clock is “right” twice a day.

I wonder how much each manufacturer had to pay for those dopey endorsements? I’m guessing their “rounding up” of models was based on whichever marketing department gave them the best attention or swag deal.

But then anyone who buys a boat based on rankings from Forbes deserves what they end up with. Would make as much sense as seeking stock market investing advice from Pelican Sports…


It might actually be better than their (Forbes) stock market investing advice…

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They had to use what could be found on REI website for their avant links ; )

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Yeah, that’s some deep journalistic research. Not. Like most of Forbes: useless fluff.

The devil made me do it.