Best kind of snow

Looks good, then melts

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Lovely scenes. No snow up here but hoarfrost covered the landscape this morning. No sun thanks to lots of clouds, but it still looked pretty.

Three God-awful winters in Chicago followed by over a decade in Minnesota, then over a year in Cleveland, followed by another decade plus in northeast Pennsylvania has fritzed my bean so far as snow is concerned.

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Love the pretty pics of snow…
If I can’t ski it I don’t want it near me… :skier:

Well Pete,

The heavy snowfalls fritz my back,
but what’s really “fritzed my bean,”
is every darn Christmas when holiday cd’s come down
this Marvin Gaye diddy earworms obscene:

I’ve hiked a few times in fresh powder and it is was great! Then it starts to melt. Slippery and sloppy. And wet cold feet.

Actually the best kind of snow is dry and fluffy which occurs at low temperatures.

In the 1970s I cross-country skied in the Cascades. That is the land of large amounts of transitional snow, sleet, freezing rain and relatively warm winter temperatures. That means sticky wax, klister and constantly battling the changing conditions.

In the 1980s I x-c skied and telemark skied in the Rockies. That is the land of cold winter temperatures, dry powder snow and the best conditions. It can be below zero during the day time. Put on special green in the fall and use it all winter.

You can tell when the temperatures get around zero because the snow squeaks when you walk on it.

Prefer my snow, in a bowl. Mixed with vanilla flavoring, Carnation milk, a little sugar and a raw egg or two. AKA Snow Cream.

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Well sure, we ski it too:


Great pic!
I lived in Norcal with no snow at home but Tahoe was a two hour drive.
It’s like visiting your grandkids, fun while you’re there but nice when you can leave. :sunglasses:

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Best kind of snow is on the TV.

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Get Real

The best kind of snow?
A kind for which none is aiken,
for in so silently, secretly,
what a hassle, man, there’s makin’.

Bank On 4 Scoops of Every Flavor

I stopped to ask an Eskimo
what kind of snow he preferred.
More than thirty-one flavors and here comes the judge,
I froze on his every word.

cold and crunchy
Diamonds in the moonlight
Not vaseline slop


Hai ku

Fun times on the lake


I’m surprised that Paris doesn’t wear a coat. It’s much too cold for coonhounds to paddle.

This is also good snow for January. Just little winter highlights. Better than when the river freezes and becomes a coyote highway.