best locations in Quebec

Ok, I’m thinking of next year already. I want to go on a good trip up in northern Quebec but am not sure on where to go up there. I’ve done Quetico and BWCA but want something abit more out of the way and I’ve always loved the atmosphere of Quebec. So any suggestions on good locations? I’m thinking a 7 to 10 day trip with 4 to 6 people going, all in good shape. I’d prefer more paddle, less portage, but I think we all would, lol! I’m open to pretty much any suggestions, so if you have a great place you’d like to recommend outside of Quebec as well, I’m all ears. Mostly I’m just looking for a new adventure.

Check out has all the canadian provs and major paddle routes listed as well as info forums for all.

WW or only flat water?
Quebec is huge and the paddling opportunities are almost unending. If you like WW then there many many rivers. If you like flat water (Quetico type) check out Parc de la Veranderies. Go to CCR there many routes listed. I posted a couple trip reports on the site (Noire and Coulonge river), both would sure fit your time frame 5-8 days but it has WW.

Thanks for the suggestions
I’m wanting a mostly flatwater trip. I’ve never done a whitewater trip and wouldn’t know what to expect with a trip like that. Areas that are similar to Quetico is what I’m looking for, lake to lake stuff. I started checking out the CCR site and it appears to be extremely helpful. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. So far, the La Verendrye, circuit 77 looks very promising.

In Ontario …
There is also Wabakimi, Temagami and Woodland Cariboo in Ontario. Read Hap Wilson’s canoe guide book on Temagami. “Canoeing, Kayaking and Hiking Temagami”

no Quebec experience…but

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Alden Bird's "Let It Rain" looks pretty good coverage.


LaVerendrye is a good choice
If your looking for lake to lake, LaVerendrye is a good choice, not too many people, very clean and the fishing can be very good…but expensive.

I always buy a 3 day Quebec license and a 3 day “LaVerenedrye fishing permit”($14 a day) for the same days, the dates should be mid way into your trip…the fishing is always best a few portages in, don’t bother the first day or so.

If not into fishing, the paddling is great, even the bears are shy, (natives consider them a threat to moose calfs), lots of great campsights, been there many times since early 90’s, great place, lots of my trips posted here

Saguenay Fjord, QC
You will not be disappointed. The sheer majesty of the walls of the fjord, the seals and whales, the variety of water conditions, all make this my favorite trip anywhere. Going again in August. Check it out!

Temagami Area
Located north of Sudbury and west of North Bay; you might enjoy the Temagami region of Ontario. I would especially recommend Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater PP and Solace PP as the more remote areas of Temagami. It’s worthwhile to visit Ishpatina Ridge, the “roof top” of Ontario.

Haps Wilson’s book Temagami Canoe Routes is an excellent source of info as well as

Quebec parks
Other than Laverendrye there is La maurice a little notheast and Papineau Labelle which is the closest to Montreal. Papineau Labelle is limited comparatively to the other two. La Maurice is about as far as Laverendrye

here is the website,

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The people at Le Domaine (Canot Camping)speak English very well.

Try to avoid the first two weeks of August. Thats when Quebec has its provincial vacation. Everyone vacations then.

La Verendrye is cheap for camping if you don't fish.

I second this place!!
Nothing like a Minke whale coming out of the water less than 5’ from your kayak or a beluga swimming under it either. Of course I would not know about it but my wife was the lucky one, I just saw it happen.

Parc Mastigouche
90 miles northeast of Montreal, easy to get to. There are 417 lakes in the Mastigouche Reserve. I believe I kayaked the one called Lac Violon. Long time ago. The main thing I remember was that when I arrived at my assigned campsite by water, it was already occupied—by a bear.

Did it show proper etiquette
and leave when you arrived?

nice pics of beautiful country beav
Nice stuff…woods, water…

Not at all!
He wasn’t a bit concerned about my presence. I chose to camp on an island instead, with my young belief that a bear wouldn’t be motivated to swim out and bother me.

What level of skill is needed?
I’ve wanted to kayak the Saguenay for a long time but am told it is basically ocean conditions with a lot of wind. True?

It is like any other place you have
to watch the weather. When we were there it was windy but the seas never got more than 18" mot of the time less that 12". Now out on the St Lawrence it was a different story on some days but flat on others. I would say make the trip and see what the weather brings. We were there for about 10 days and only had a one day that we would not have paddled on. There is also great hiking around there.

"Try to avoid the first two weeks of August. Thats when Quebec has its provincial vacation. Everyone vacations then"… Incorrect!

It’s the last two weeks of July: “construction holidays”

Just got back!
Just spent a week there, got back Sunday. Paddled both the St Lawrence and the fjord. Conflicting tides and wind made for some very challenging conditions between Tadoussac and Anse de Roche in the fjord. But to have Belugas literally scratching their backs on my hull in Baie St. Marguerite, and having 40’ Fin whales surfacing literally a paddle length away from my boat at Les Escoumin bay was a bucket list check-off!! The conditions got dicey at times in the fjord and on the St Lawrence, but we paddled every day at least 6 miles, got 62 miles for the week and experiences that I will never forget. If you are careful, study the tides AND the wind speed and direction, you can always find a place to paddle, because the river and fjord are basically at right angles to each other so what is a bad wind direction at one place is better at the other. Go and enjoy!! It is easily the most scenic place I have ever paddled, and the whales will literally leave you speechless.