Best lotion you have found for sun

and water damaged skin?
My wife appreciates soft hands.

Have you tried pure vegetable glycerin?

@Yanoer said:
Have you tried pure vegetable glycerin?


If you are talking about hands, something that works really well is “Udder Balm”, used to protect cow udders during frigid northern winters. I swear by the stuff, as do many people I know who have problems with getting rough or cracked skin on their hands due to working outside in the cold. I have found that it works extremely well for warm-weather problems with rough, damaged skin too. Around here, you can get it at any farm-supply store. I don’t know if they even sell it in the south, though.

I just looked online and found at least a dozen different brands, none of which is the brand I know. We have a brand here at the shop which is not nearly as good as the brand I get from the farm store, so I know that not all brands are of equal quality.

Back in the years when I worked construction (especially doing heavy conduit work outdoors in rough weather) the best stuff I found for protecting my hands while working and keeping the skin soft was Norwegian Formula made by Neutrogena, which I understand was developed for fishermen working on North Sea vessels. Always had a small tube in my tool box to re-apply at lunch break and slathered a lot of it on from a big pump bottle when I got home. Not sticky, odorless (be sure to get the unscented) and really protective. Good for callused cracked feet too.

Bag Balm…another cow udder cream. Works great on chapped, cracked, and/or dry skin. I found it in a farm/feed store.

O’Keefe’s Working Hands works for me. I have tried some of the others that have been suggested with no luck. What works for one may not work for another.
You may have to experiment.

We have really dry air in the winter when its below zero and that is what bothers me… I also have lanolin for washing wool and that is a bit messy.

Sun… what is Sun?

Another victim of winter’s (and wood heating) dry air. O’Keefe’s helps, but what works even better for me (and is half the price) is Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E cream.
Four bucks at Wally World for two containers. Don’t think it makes me look any younger but it sure helps with dry skin.

Udder Balm… O keifs all work great but my hands feel great after pulling smoked pork by hand. Pork fat bath…

mountaineering we used to use tubes of zinc oxide, messy but I always figured the spf was about 100 after you caked it on

@Overstreet said:
Udder Balm… O keifs all work great but my hands feel great after pulling smoked pork by hand. Pork fat bath…

I was going to say the same thing about trimming fat from venison (not what any butcher would do - we remove nearly every bit). That’s actually the best treatment for “winter hands” that I’ve found - the effect lasts for days - but it’s hardly a practical recommendation.

For me… Any of the big, inexpensive pump bottles of unscented hand and body lotion will work. The trick is to use some after every hand washing.

I don’t mind horizontal lines on my face but when vertical ones started showing up… Naw. Like Willowleaf I found Norwegian Formula hand cream does a great job and doesn’t irritate the eyes with any scents or whatevers.

This stuff is amazing for when my hands get beyond dry and my knuckles are cracked and bleeding. It doesn’t happen often, maybe two or three times a year related to my working environment. A few days of using this and my hands are better than new. As with some of the previously mentioned stuff, I’ve used the veterinary version but there’s one made specifically for humans too. Anyone want to tell me what the difference is?

Main site is here, but also available on Amazon if I recall.

Pure coconut oil. Works great and tastes good too.