Best low price fishing yak?

-- Last Updated: Oct-02-10 4:06 PM EST --

I am in the market for a decent fishing kayak around $400. I had been looking at the Pelicans, but now have concerns because of all of the negative comments about them.
I will be using it in the New River in Virginia so it has to be tough and I prefer sit-on-tops. I am far from rich so price is my major concern, along with the ability to carry enough gear as I am a smallie and muskie addict!
I have checked Craigslist often with no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You could check the kayak fishing forum
also, but I’d recommend either a Scupper Pro TW (Tankwell) or a Prowler 13. I don’t know your size but these fit small to Med-Large paddlers. They show up on Craigslist here in Florida between $400-650.

I’ve bought one Scupper Pro for $350 and two at $450.

They work very well.

keep checking craigslist
keep checking craigs list & maybe expand your search area. This is a good time of year to find a used one. Good luck.