Best Mass Weekend Canoe Camp??

Hi-planning boy scout canoe trip-trying to do something different. Looking central to western and southern NH for an easy put in…take out in an area to camp…probably accessible by car? And maybe a flatwater pond to cruise around. Any thoughts or am i looking for that never never land.


Tom W


Pawtuckaway SP
beautiful lake…few motorboats (it is rocky and studded with islands)

Ipswich River
Very easy & nice river. There are a couple options of parking to do longer or shorter.

I do a girls canoe campout every year out here and they love it.

I have gps coordinates if you need them to show you where and how far…along with the 2 main campsites (one owned by Foote Brother canoe co-permission needed.)

With the girls I do the 12 mile trip and one night, without them we start further up and camp at 2 different spots for fri & sat night.

let me know if you would like any more info.


Overnight help
Thank you all for responding. Carol, I may take you up on your offer.

Thanks again


Mass canoe camping
I have two suggestions:

Lake Denison State Park

It has a very nice campgound with easy access to the water. The lake is very nice and if you are adventurous you can either portage 1/3 mile or ferry your canoes to the Millers river It is easy paddling in that area with a couple of lift overs at beaver dams.

The second suggestion is to give Tully lake a try. Tully lake has some of the best flatwater paddling in the state.

A second for Tully Lake
just make sure you make the trip up the river- head up long pond and just keep going over at least 2 beaver dams- it gets really nice up in there.


Hi Carol,

I’m taking you up on your offer…what can you tell me about the Ipswich. I located a website for the Audubon sanctuary…

So whatever you can tell me.


Tom W.

Townsend, MA

Do you have a gps?
before I start throwing out this info- let me know if you have one.

The answer to this makes a difference in what info I will send your way.



A third for Tully Lake

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Very clear and clean water, excellent lakeside camping on Tully Lake, wonderful adventures as you paddle to Long Pond (north), and outstanding side trips to delightful and exhilirating Doane's Falls (which you can easily hike to from Tully Lake Campground), and the hardder to find Spirit Falls near Long Pond. A winner, as you must know since you are in central MA. No shuttles necessary to paddle the length to Long Pond, which is totally inaccessible by anything other than canoe/kayak. Pristine, undeveloped.

Although Lake Dennison is reasonable, as suggested by another poster, as a lifelong resident (now displaced) of Athol-Orange, I can tell you that it does not hold a candle to Tully Lake Reservation, with the waterfalls. The fishing is fantastric, the campsites are all exceptional, and the area is very beautiful. And if the kids have their bikes, a trip to Royalston Center is great, and eating at Pete and Henry's in South Royalston is cool, and a trip to Royalston Falls (not canoeable, have to drive thru Royalston Center to Falls Road, and then park and hike in 1/4 mile) is great. But, if biking and driving are not the intention, plenty--I mean plenty--to see from Tully Lake and Doanes Falls alone. Enjoy!

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