Best Method to remove paint overspray

I just purchased a new used royalex canoe (Spirit II). The previous owners must of had it tuck up along the side of their house when they sprayed (or neighbors) the outside of their house with latex paint. There is tons of overspray on one side. It is not hurting anything but I would like the boat to look its best. Denatured alcohol and a lot of elbow grease is working but it will be a big job for a 17’ boat. Is there a harder chemical I can use that won’t hurt the vinyl layer?



Detailing clay
Overspray is an issue around the shipyards I work in. I know it works on auto paint, it might work on Royalex.

Check your local auto parts store. Or google “clay bar” or “detailing clay”

Goof Off
Works well and I haven’t had it hurt any finish.

Ethyl Acetate
You would need to check that it does not ruin the finish on the boat. You can buy it at some hardware stores or chemical supply companies. Don’t breath the vapors and do it outside where well ventilated.

Alternative: overpaint w matching color
if removing paint does not work.

A-2: The “camo” look is very in right now. You could also have a creative type go wild on it.

Water-based paint stripper
I have an indoor project where I need to strip some kitchen wood work. I can’t take it outside, and I don’t want to use methelene choride stripper.

I was at Sherwin Williams and they had “Dumond SmartStrip” water-based paint stripper. It takes longer than the harsh chemical one, but it might also be safer to use. The trouble is that it’s $65 per gallon.

It comes in a plastic pail. Test on a small area.