Best Mid pricedTouring Paddle

What is the best mid-priced (250) touring paddle out there? In a pervious post I was considering a wing paddle which a friend of mine has but I still want to do all the strokes that a conventional paddle can do.

Thanks FishHawk

Impossible question
The best paddle is the one you’ve tried out and feels good.


I can do all the conventional strokes
with my wing paddle that I can do with my conventional paddle, but then again, I only do a handful of strokes with my conventional paddle.



Perhaps you could contact Onno paddles. They’ll spend time talking to you to help figure out what you really want/need. Then as a courtesy if nothing else, have them make your paddle; their prices are good and they have a very good reputation.


Since you said "fast"
and “fitness” in your other thread and not “far”, I think you want to look at something mid-size (if you are average sized and averagely strong).

It does sound you just want to go forward and also improve your paddling efficiency and technique. A wing indeed will answer all these. I’d strongly consider a GP as suggested too (and new they are about $250 for good wooden ones if you buy or as little as $15 if you carve your own), but for pure speed and efficiency going forward - still a wing would be on the top for me. As for euro, check out the Werner Kalliste and Cyprus or the AT XCeption SL. For more versatility - the Lendal Kinetic Touring or Wing (check recent threads on that one) are also very good choices. The Epic active tour is good as well. Neither is a $250 paddle but used or in straight shaft they come close.

Rec boat
Let me get this right - you have a rec boat that you use primarily for fishing. You want a decent mid-priced paddle. Why not look at the Aquabound Stingray? I think their carbon model can be had for $200 or less new. Great bang for the buck. I use my rec boat for birdwatching, and the Stingray is just fine. (I also have an Onno Mid Tour+ that I use with my other boat - awesome paddle - so light, but I don’t know what Pat’s lead time is right now.)

Fish on!