Best mitts for winter kayaking

Given the pogie discussion, though I’d throw in a plug for Level Six mittens. Have tried just about everything and these for me are simply the warmest easiest on/off option available.

The NRS Mitts have worked for me but
if as you say the Level Six are easy on/off, I may look at them also.

I like them too
They run small so I use the XXL where for most gloves I merely use the large size.

Toaster Mitts complaint
It’s got to be really cold, or else my hands are hot in the NRS Toaster Mitts. I just looked at them again, and it looks like NRS has refined a few improvements since I bought mine.

No info on the Level 6.


Thanks Again
You told me about the Level Six mitts several years ago and they’ve been great.

wide hands
My hands are quite wide…any gloves that aren’t too tight across the back of my hand to paddle leave a half inch of unfilled finger tip flapping in the breeze. Pogies are ok but anybody with a similar issue found a solution?

For Alot of Cold Paddling, L6 Suck…
my L6 seams blew out in less than one winter surf season whereas my old NRS mitts lasted three hard winters before they gave up the ghost. I replaced them (with the disappointing L6 and then quickly) with the new NRS mitts. The NRS new cuff is a slight improvement in minimizing seepage. For me, that improvement don’t mean much since winter surfing means the mitts will get filled with water no matter what (just when). What does matter is that it keeps my hands warm regardless.


What makes them special?
Good paddle feel through the material? Waterproofness? Fit? Warmth?

For Me…

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Very warm and very easy to get on and off. I have a pair of nice (expensive) Nordic Blues and I hate 'em. Ya need the water equivalent of a sherpa to help get 'em on and off.

I haven't found the Level 6's to be waterproof. More like a wetsuit... wet but warm.

Over mitts

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I use waterproof over mitts over regular paddling gloves. I bought them at Campmore and they are Mt. Baker by OR

similar to this:

My hands stay warm and I can slide my gloves out of the over mitt in a second. I used to use paddling mitts but for me this solution is far better.
You can find waterproof over mitts in ski shops and anywhere on line.
My brother found a pair in Wallmart (years ago) made of water proof cordura and they work perfectly too.

Level Six Gloves
I’ve had a couple of pairs of the Level Six gloves and while they are very warm for gloves (vs. mitts or pogies), I too, echo the sentiments that their quality is not up to snuff. Wore a hole through the thumb area in each pair well before the winter paddling season was done. I didn’t find their customer service/warranty dept. very impressive either. IMO, warm product that fits well-durability and warranty is lacking.

re: level six mitts
I’ve used the regular ones and found them to be not as durable as the NRS toasters. I bought a pair of the ones with kevlar reinforcement - only about $5 more. Will see how they hold up this winter. I believe that the NRS Toasters now have a waterpoof cuff?