Best of the Apostle Islands?

We are planning a trip to the Apostles and are wondering which of the islands are the most scenic and/or have the best sea caves and rock formations?


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Best sea caves are on Devils, Sand, Stockton and the mainland ones by Meyers beach. There are also caves on Bear, otter, Eagle(off limits May 15 to Sept 1), north twin and one on Oak and one just outside of Barks bay on the mainland....but most of these are small.

how long will you be out for will determine a lot. and how much experiance your group has.

Best Wishes

e-mail me back chanel for details I've been to and around all the Islands.It's where I paddle

mainland, sand island

I second the mainland and sand island caves. I enjoyed Oak Island quite a bit just for all the little water falls.

I have a gallery of our recent trip up there

Top gallery.

If you need any info feel free to email me.

Best I hear are Devil’s but that’s a longer paddle with some gnarly water if you’re not skilled.

Of the more sheltered caves, Sand Island and the mainland are great. Oak is nice but they are fewer and smaller (you can only poke the nose of your boat in versus the whole boat).


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is one on Oak just east of the arch....go in the south entrance between the rocks...opens out plenty big enough for 2 or 3 boats inside...

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here is a picture of a friend of mine entering the Oak cave....I'm inside the cave in my 18 foot Nordkapp taking the picture.

Devil’s is fine
By far the best island, with only one campsite and great sunset views from the south dock. My son and I spent 2 days there over Memorial Day weekend, and we had the entire island to ourselves. The sea caves there are really stunning in their number and depth. For the experienced paddler this is a worthwhile notch on your paddling belt if the wind is right. The prevailing winds and 3-mile open-water crossing are not for the faint of heart, however, and will definitely keep out the riff raff. Don’t let the secret out too loudly about this great island. Tell the masses to go to Sand and Oak.

ok fine… there’s one! :slight_smile:
You would think I would remember seeing as how I probably took pictures in that same cave last summer. You see one sea cave, you’ve seen them all, right? :slight_smile: Just kidding of course. I love the Apostle Islands. Truly some spectacular paddling.

Sand Island
I’m partial to Sand Island:

My website:

This is a cave we were in on Oak Island. Fit a tandem in there:


Wow those are great photos
Ken, you’ve got the gift for capturing these beautiful islands. I agree that Sand is also a great spot. I particularly enjoy the beach around the point past the lighthouse. A remote spot with little traffic. From the rocks you can catch a sunset.

I may be in contact w/ you, Ken, to order some photos. Great stuff.


Like no other trip I’ve ever done
We put in on the west side of the penninsula, can’t remember the name of the area. Paddled about 10 or 12 miles poking in and out of caves, then made the crossing to Sand Island.

Next day paddled to Strawberry and took the tour of the Lighthouse ate lunch then returned to Sand.

Next day circumnavigated Sand. Spectacular.

Next day paddle to Devils and camped.

Next day circumnavigated Devils. Incredible. Paddled to Oak. Very nice.

Next day paddled into 30 knot headwinds, 5’ seas on a gorgeous sunny day into Bayfield.

While working to get to Bayfield a song popped into my head. I’ll sing it for you and be thankful you can only read the lyrics and not hear me sing.

Bouncing bow on the glistenning water,

Take me to Bayfield.

The sun’s a shinning but the wind’s a howling,

Protect me gel-coat shield.

8 miles of paddling left today,

To get me back to that pretty little bay,

Of Bayfield.

You’d think that I’d be able to come up with more than just one verse in the time that it takes to paddle 8 miles into a 30 knot headwind, but none of the others worked.:>)

We altered our motto a little in the sea caves to “take only photos, leave only gel-coat”.

You’re gonna have such agreat time, hope the weather cooperates enough, anyway.



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Yeah, I know - York doesn't have any caves...

But every time I go there, I have great luck with photography. It's just east of Sand Island and has three great campsites that overlook a shallow bay. You'll likely to be sharing it only with other kayakers, if anyone. I'll vote for Devil's for being the best caves in the area.

They’re all good. York can be a good place to camp and do trips over to Raspberry (no camping) or around Sand Island. The east side of Sand Island can get crowded, since it’s one of the shortest crossings. The campsite on the northeast side of Oak is very nice, and also allows day trips to lots of islands.