Best off-road cart for Kayak (Canada)

Is there an equivalent to the TrailTreker (by paddlelogic) sold in Canada ?

I’m looking for a cart with the following features:

  1. can handle rough trails
  2. lightweight and can be packed efficiently in a kayak
  3. easy to set-up


Check out Suspenz
They ship to Canada. I have the small cart:

Wheels are quickly inserted/removed; the cam straps are sturdy, and it’s a snap to set up. If you have an oval shaped hatch at least 16.5" x 10.5, the wheels, cart and straps can be easily stored inside the hatch.

This model is not good in deep sand, but is great on gravel, lumpy terrain, etc.

price is appealing …
But the wheels seem to be about the size of the ones on a C-tug. I wonder if that’s big enough for rough trail.

Eight inches in diameter
That’s the size of the wheel. Unsure how they would do if hauled over large rocks and other difficult terrain.

Taller wheels best for rough trails and
an arched axle also to clear rocks/stumps. Would get the largest wheels that fit in your hatch. Could get one of the common 8" wheel ones and change to taller wheels maybe off ebay. Just thoughts. Rick

C-Tug wheels are 10"

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Wheel-Eez makes a foam-wheeled (10" and 8" wheel versions available) cart that folds, with quick-release wheel pins. I bought the "mini" version and love it. You'd need the bigger 10" wheels (or larger) for rough, rutty portages.

The Suspenz cart looks like a copy of the Wheel-Eez "mini" Tuff Wheels cart.

I've seen portage carts advertised as having 12" or even larger wheels, but they are large overall and probably not easily stowed. They seem geared to canoeists.

the mini?
Looks like it has low-pressure tires. Is there an option for foam tires? I’d like to get one.

Swear I wasn’t drinking
I have the mini Wheeleeze cart - same one as Pikabike.

Sloppy searching around Amazon on my part.

Pikabike’s right: the Suspenz cart is a knock-off of the Wheeleeze.

The Tuff Tires shown are foam-filled
They started selling that version about 2 years ago. I remember seeing the ad in Sea Kayaker Magazine.

The smaller wheels are nice because they fit in NDK’s front or rear hatches, which the 10" wheels do not.

If you need to wheel through deep sand, the gray pneumatics are better.