Best Paddle Value, Beginner Surf?

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What do you folks feel is a good value for a beginning surf paddler? I won't buy junk but I don't feel I'm ready for a $400 piece of graphite either. I'm looking for a good value around $130$150.

Thanks all!

Any Decent White Water Paddle

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will do. Most surfers go for a slightly shorter paddle than for white water. The idea is to get a quick sprint to catch the wave and then to have a paddle for stern ruddering but not so long that it can get trapped on the waves face side.

Look at the recreational ww paddles here:

About 3 or 4 folks in our surfing group are using the yellow paddle right now. I personally like the white one since it goes down to 170 cm. At 5'3", I find the 180-185 cm confortable for me. Some of the more advanced surfers I know are using 160-170 cm though they are 5'-10" to 6' tall. They believe the shorter paddle is advantageous in the bigger, steeper wall faces they surf because it doesn't get in the way, or get trapped.


Rough stuff
Not the lightest paddles in the world, but certainly durable for the surf. I have one and like it alot. Bought it at Sierra Trading Post a year ago. Mine has a Lendal bent shaft. Looks like you can get a better deal than I did right now:

Can’t beat that deal.


Onno Paddle Hybrid
Pat makes a paddle that’s very light and strong. It will be in your price range.

Can Not Beat ONNO For Value
You can’t beat ONNO for value. It does take some patience because it takes time to make a custom paddle, but if you order now, you could have it for spring.

Great! Thank all!
Have a great Christmas! Happy paddling!!

Whoa … taking a few days off here but
usually only takes 5-7 business days to get one out.

I do have a new Allglass model that is 135.00 and super strong.

Thanks guys : )

You’ve Gotta To Have One of These!
Check the website and click on the Mart/Classifieds page. The fellow who is making these custom wood paddles is probably earning less than minimum wage for the time and effort he puts into his custom creations.

These paddles are definitely not junk…having been tested in all sorts of different surf conditions by a representative cross section of paddle surfers. Not only are they fine looking pieces of paddling hardware, they have proven to be surprisingly durable. The Coach Oz paddle is now being carried in a couple very reputable surf shops and several guys have two and three Coach Oz paddles of different lengths and blade angles to match the conditions.

Whether beginner or seasoned veteran, you absolutely can’t afford not to have one in your quiver!

I can tell you from experience…
…if you don’t want to buy a $400 piece of graphite, whatever you do, DO NOT pick one up.



ONNO the best paddle and price

NeWave In Glass???
just curious whether you’re producing these in the glass configuration.

I am lovin’ mine. Plus, it looks like a spear and looks pretty intimidating. I think it keeps the boardies of MY wave. :smiley: