best paddling knife under $40

Give 'em to me. Primarily for sea kayaking. Fast use, singlehanded if possible.

I like the Gerber
Riverknife. I like mine pointy.

After a few years, I do sport some rust spots from the saltwater, and not rinsing it off quickly enough.


Gerber RiverMate again.
I have an old Gerber Blackie Collins that’s bigger and pointier than I need, but if I had to replace it, I think I’d look at these:

Have carried the gerber river shorty on
life jacket for years. Very handy, one handed, either hand, and does the job. No buttons/catches, just pull it out. I use the square tip one, so I don’t stick myself or my dry gear. Yes a few rust spots as I rarely rinse but no biggie. R

Forget the knife.

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I carry the EMI lifesaver. It is cheap, effective, easy to use, easy to store on a PFD, and not dangerous.

Ceramic blade $30
I don’t have one but for $30 I’m thinking about it.

McNett Saturna

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I've had this blunt-tip knife on my pfd for 5 years now. Still sharp, a little corroded:

I think if I had to replace it, I would be tempted by the Gerber River Mate linked above. However, I do use the line-cutting slot on the Saturna a great deal, and you can take the whole handle apart to clean it up.

same one
$20-25 shipped on Ebay & Amazon

works great for removing leeches :stuck_out_tongue:

NRS Co-Pilot River Knife
Great little knife that does what it needs to and more! (Its got a bottle opener on it!) Nice quick release clip although getting it to sit back in the clip is a little tougher.

thank you all
(bday coming up!)

salt water sea kayaking
The poster stated use as for sea kayaking. If that sea kayaking is mostly on/in salt water, he should taking corrosion into consideration. Stainless steel still eventually corrodes unless one rinses and oils it after every paddle. The only salt water corrosion resistant knifes are the Spyderco Salt models. However, at $75-$100, their cost is above the price limit set in this post.


It’s true the McNett is corroding, and I don’t take care of it as I should. I figured I would lose it before the corrosion took hold, but it stays put on the pfd, and it’s on a thin lanyard that’s saved it a few times. I’ll buy another in a year or two.

I like that
Notch looks handy

I like the looks of that McNett, too.

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The cordage notch is a nice feature. Reviews on Amazon sound like it may suit you if you're the type that likes to tune-up edged tools.

sorry, my mistake
Great lakes kayaking.

Getcha two of these:

NRS Co-pilot
I like the NRS Co-pilot ($39, I think). Simple, safe, effective. It’s got a blunt tip, good locking sheath, and nice compact size. I’ve used it in saltwater for 2 years, (~60days/year on the water, occasional fresh water rinses), and it has been very good with regards to corrosion.

CRKT Bear Claw

A little over $40 but worth it

I tried paddling with a knife.
Kinda slow.