Best Paddling Lake in B.C.?

I am in the early stages of planning a trip to British Columbia in 2008. Having not paddled any B.C. lakes I am looking for the best for a ten day solo paddle. My Navarro Canoe does have a spray cover and tie downs for gear so I can withstand some chop on the water. Based on the following factors which BC Lake would you rate #1 and why?

l. Road access reasonable for 4 wheel drive

250 truck.

2. Prevailing winds are reasonable most of the

time in the summer months.

3. Dangers such as lack of pull outs due to

cliffs or uncut partially submerged trees

are not major obstacles.

4. Variety of terrain is present. Not all

woods, etc.

5. Solitude and lack of power boat traffic

6. Quality campsites.

7. Water temperature and Clarity

I have picked the following sixteen lakes as possibilities:

  1. Babine Lake 9. Morice Lake
  2. Chilco Lake 10. Ootsa Lake
  3. Eutsuk Lake 11. Quesnel Lake
  4. Harrison Lake 12. Stuart Lake
  5. Kinbasket Lake 13. Takla Lake
  6. Koocanusa Lake 14. Teslin Lake
  7. Kootenay Lake 15. Upper Arrow Lake
  8. Lake Atlin 16. Williston Lake

Atlin is awesome
paddled it and it is awesome. Seems many of the lakes up in that area are cool. Don’t think you can go wrong.

bowron lakes
search the net for bowron and you will have all kinds of info.

Nation Lakes Provincial Park
although I have never paddled there it is on my list as a must do. I have read so many great reports about the beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, outstanding fishing, and limited people. Bugs can be bad so be prepared. Park is north of Prince George.

I drove up to Ft. St James to do the
Nation Lake Chain, but had trouble finding a shuttle and then I didn’t want to pay the $500 for it. That was back when you got a better exchange rate. I ended up doing the Takla Lake - Trembleur - Stuart chain since the shuttle only cost $250 because I could paddle back to Ft St James. Big lakes that can get some big waves when the weather is bad which it was for my trip. Nice trip though.

Did the Bowron twice and love the circuit. A combination of big and small lakes. Will do it again in a few years. Don’t want to wear it out.

Murtle lake is suppose to be a good paddle. No power boats allowed. Never got around to paddling it though. Now with the high gas prices and bad exchange rate I don’t know when I’ll get up there again. Gas was expensive even when you got a better rate but now it’ll really hurt to fill up.

Love traveling up there but I’ll wait to see if the gas prices settle down before going up north again.