Best paddling on Clinton River?

I need advice to get started, I have paddle the deeper rivers here like the Shiawassee River and Ausable but the clinton is fast and shallow.

The section at squirrel rd. and near M59 riverside park is closest to home and would let me paddle more often, do you need a certain kind of boat to paddle these shallow waters?

I own a Pungo 120 and a Carolina 14 so I tried the pungo 3 days ago and couldn’t move much, perhaps it was just the day (lack of water) is this a good place to start?

They start the paddle palooza race here so I figured it was a good place.

The shape of the hull matters.
Some of the characteristics that are better for deeper water such as a shallow arch or vee can work against you when you are in a shoal. Often though, it’s a matter of reading the stream and finding the places where the water is an inch or so deeper. Or, you step out and take your boat for a walk. There is a lot to be said for canoes in small streams. among other things, they are often easier to step in and out of.You can also take up poling.

I don’t know much about the Clinton although I know a couple of people who have been over there. I’m more on the Grand or the Red Cedar when I’m close to home.