Best Paint for Wenonah Tuff Weave?

I have a Wenonah Fisherman 16 for sale locally. The bottom has been painted twice by previous owners. Once black and then white.

There are remnants of some kind of plastc skid plates and you can see some Gorilla Tape i applied to lessen wear.

The stearn is worn through the gel coat, but not bad.

I am thinking of fairing the bottom and applying a coat of paint.

Any recommendations on paint?

Interlux Two part PERFECTION

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Black was a bad color choice for a hull bottom on a neutral colored boat. Scratches will show up in bold relief.

The lay-up schedule (Tuff-weave) is immaterial. You will be applying new paint over either gel coat (if you strip the existing paint) or over old paint.

I would attempt to strip the old paint first. I have had generally good results with citrus strippers although multiple applications and some sanding are often required.

As for paints, there are lots of options. Two part polyurethanes like Interlux Perfection are probably the toughest. I have had decent results with Interlux Brightsides (one part polyurethane) but my current favorite is Pettit EasyPoxy. I would choose a color that approximates that of the gel coat on the boat as it will make the inevitable scratches less apparent.

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Thank you. I will check out Interlux.

Thank you. I need to decide how much money and time to put into this canoe. Paint or sell as is. I have it listed locally now.

Repainting the bottom was always the plan, but my son outgrew the bow seat.

I picked up an Old Town Tripper. It will work great for a planned trip this summer. Also great for grand kids.

I have tried everything. I really like Rustoleum marine enamel. Easy to get and easy to apply.
Epoxy paint is not necessary.

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Thank you. Rustoleum would be more cost effective for a boat that is for sale.

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I’ve used Rustoleum Marine Topside Paint and it seems to give a durable finish. I’ve seen good reviews online too.


I’ve gotten very good results for a low-cost paint

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Selling it put anything on it. keeping Interlux is way to go. It’s very hard to sand off I was amazed when I had with Porter Cable orbital sander. On one hull 12 years yellow faded a bit but still a brilliant shine. Unless you look where sun doesn’t get sun you’d think it was that color. 8-10’ you’d think it was a new hull.

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Thank you all for your advice. If the canoe doesn’t sell, I will probably lean towards painting with a lower priced paint.

I didn’t get a chance to paint it. It left with a new owner yesterday. Currious as there is a Jensen 18 in kevkar on the local CL for less money.

Heck, the Jensen tempted me.

Those Jensen 18’s are a great day trip canoe when you want to be out just having fun zipping around a lake. I think of them as the tandem version of a solo Advantage.

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If anyone is near Yakima Wa …

That’s a great deal but way too far from Michigan. My first canoe was a Jensen 18’

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