Best parts of Current River MO.

Thinking about paddling the Current River in Mo.? Any suggestions on best paddling sections? Probably an over nighter!

2 Suggestions…

– Last Updated: May-25-14 8:19 PM EST –

Do the section from Round Spring to Two Rivers.
Do NOT go on a weekend.


P.S. If you've never paddled it; consider trying the Eleven Point River, from Greer access/Hwy 19 to Riverton access/Hwy 160. Good overnighter; about 19 miles.

Round Spring to Two Rivers has the best scenery as far as big bluffs, but doesn’t have any big springs. Gets a little less river dork pressure than the Akers to Round Spring stretch, and a little less jetboat motorhead pressure than Two Rivers to Van Buren. And if you like to fish, it’s probably the best fishing stretch as well. I’ll do the other stretches in the off season, late fall to early spring, but pretty much avoid them in the summer.

Daily mileage? Showers? Bathrooms?
How many miles a day do you anticipate paddling? And would you prefer to camp overnight on a (free) gravel bar, or at a (paid) NPS campsite with bathrooms and showers?

I agree that the Round Spring to Two Rivers stretch (about 17 miles or so) is very nice, and if you wanted a bit more daily mileage you could extend the trip another 7-8 miles to Powder Mill (Owl’s Bend). There is an NPS campground at Round Spring and Two Rivers.

Personally, I prefer somewhat the upper stretches so I would be inclined to start at Cedargrove (or Baptist Camp if the water level is high enough) and paddle down to either Pulltite or Round Spring. Yes you will likely see a few more people on this stretch, but if you stick to weekdays, it shouldn’t be too bad. Just don’t expect a wilderness experience.

If you like to have showers and flush toilets at your campsite, and option would be to start at Cedargrove, paddle 17 miles or so to Pulltite and camp at the NPS campground there, then do the roughly 10 mile stretch to Round Spring the following day.