Best PFD

Want to upgrade my PFD soon and would like some imput as to what is the best PFD in your opinion? I am looking for one with a lot of pockets . FishHawk

I like the Stolquist “Motion"
I wanted the same thing. I wanted a good PFD that was short enough to stay above the spray skirt and backrest, and I wanted one with pockets on the front.

I found the Stolquist 'MOTION” model to be just what I wanted. It has several straps that you can tighten to keep it in place, plus a cell phone pocket and two big pockets on the front.

I got it a couple weeks ago, used it several times, and really like it. It lists for $135.00. I looked at it at my local shop, and I needed a XXL. They only had a XL, and after checking they told me it wasn’t available in XXL.

I found it advertised on “” for $109.95, with free shipping. They got me a XXL size, after the local dealer told me they couln’t.

Check it out on the Stolquist web page, or at “” I am happy with mine.

I like my

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extrasport, witht he kayak back , 2 pockets and the lash tab. Seems to fit well and is comfortable for all day wear. Can't say if other brands are better,as this is my first "good" yak vest.

Depends on you paddling
What is good for me might be bad for you. I love my Astral 300T - comfortable and low cut for freedom of movement - but it only has two pockets that are not that big.

A kayak fisherman on an SOT, a sea kayaker, a WW paddler, or a racer all have different needs.

What boat - and what do you do with it on typical paddles?

My Stearns CO2 PFD has pockets
Its comfortable to wear in hot weather, but its not good for whitewater and must be worn to meet CG regs, can’t sit on it or just have it in the boat.

Kokotat Out-Fit and Miss-Fit Tour
These jackets not only have good pockets but meet USCG requirements when unzipped (they have buckles inside) a greatfeature when paddling in hot weather.

Kokotat Orbit Tour is awesome
…it was the most light and non-interfering of all I had tried so far. Does not ride up, hardly know its there and almost 16lbs of flotation. It was $100 and I think its well worth it. It has two pockets center front and NO ZIPPER, as its a pullover.

My Extrasport sits lonely in my spare gear bag now…so sad…

Best all-around for SOT or SIK angler-
Mustang MD1165 Anglers Flotation Vest. Just keep the CO2 cartridges current. Mine is now seven years old-can not find anything else comparable.

Like Greyak Said…

– Last Updated: May-19-05 6:26 PM EST – depends on what you're paddling and how it fits on you. I have a Lotus Rio Grande that's very comfortable in a yak, but rides up in the canoe. And I have an old Seda and newer Extrasport Hi Float that are comfortable in a canoe, but a PIA to wear in a yak. I tried on an Extrasport Retroglide Sabre last year and it was by far the most comfortable I've ever had on. Thought I'd save that C-note, and wait until they went on sale during the winter. So far, that's the only one I've seen for less than $130 bucks. Passed up a deal and didn't even realize it! WW

Retroglide Sabre on Ebay
Check out ebay for a Retroglide Sabre. Right now it’s $70.


Extrasport PFDs most comfortable?

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Anytime we had this question in the past it always seems the Exrtasports got the nod for most comfortable. I seem to wear my Estrasport more than any of the others I have.

Happy Paddl'n!



Love my Astral…
But as mentioned previously, they come up a little short in the pocket department.

Thanks, But…
…it’s a small. Don’t think I could squeeze my mass into it. But, thanks for the idea. I’ll keep a lookout on E-bay. WW