Best place buy kayak quebec

Am looking for a decent but not too expensive sit on top kayak to go along a stream / lake for a few hours every other day.

Any recommendations for what to get and where from?

Big province
Elie has dealers all over,

If you are near Gatineau there are lots of options in Otttawa.

If you are in Montreal lots of dealers including in the Adirondacks of New York.

If you are in Matane you may be out of luck.

So a little more specific area would be nice.

Good to see you on this forum, doc.
One doesn’t find many good buys in the wilderness.

Montreal specifically.

I’ve only seen MEC & la cordée but I’m guessing they’re expensive.

2nd would be OK too depending on quality

Have you been to SAIL
In Longueuil?

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Try Depot Plein Aire There’s also guy in Hawkesbury that seems to have good prices on Elies. I’d check Kijiji and also Les Pac .com

There really is a ton of places along with the aforementioned SAIL & big box stores. Atmoshere will occasionally have good sales. I bought a Necky there for 30% off their regular price. Every mid sized town seems to have a sports store.

Good luck!

Anything appeal to you here?

From Montreal, New York and Vermont are possible search areas.