Best place to buy needed gear

I’m a newbie - - I aquired a Perception Aquatera Sea lion, with a paddle, and even a wetsuit. Now I need to find a spray skirt (can’t seem to find one for this kayak) paddle float, as I am sure I will need it, and a PDF. I have apx 1 hour in this boat, and after reading, and watching a couple DVD’s, I’m sure I am gonna need “Stuff”

I’m also on a budget, so high prices are right out the door (and I’m probably a bit cheap too). I also know I will be paddling alone 90% of the time as I know of nobody in my neighborhood who has a kayak, and I’m kinda stuck to daytime during the work week.

Any suggestions as to where to look, and any other equipment I may need (like a bilge pump, although I had given thought to using a kerosene transfer pump just to get started)

I’m open to all suggestions

place to shop
I have done soom business with Riverside kayak connection. Very good people. They will help you with what ever you need. Won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Check out their web site.

A local shop …
is your best bet if you can find a good one. Check for local paddling clubs as well - there are a few in OH.

Most manufacturers of sprayskirts publish a list of sizes that are boat specific - Seals is one example ( - look under Aqua Terra brand and Sea Lion model). That said, it is best to bring your boat to a local shop and test fit the skirt to make sure it fits both you and the boat.


Where to buy
I’m with Wetzool, use a local shop. Develop a relationship with the most knowlegable one there, (btw not always the owner, but often is). As far as paddling alone, try this. Figure a way to lock your yak to your car and carry it around for a little while. Paddlers will come out of the woodwork. Once a fellow paddler sees your yak, or even a yak rack (cradles and rollers and such) they will approach you at work, at Walmart at church and you will find out that there are yakkers lurking everywhere.

Happy paddling,


use a local shop of the pnet store!
love what loves you back

lots of
kayak swap meets coming up this time of year.Maybe dogpile search for local clubs and contact them about any swap meets or place wanted adds on thier sites. Many paddlers have upgraded gear thru the years and may have an old skirt hanging around (no wisecracks, anyone!)

How are paddling shows?
We here in New Hampshire are about to enjoy the New England Paddlesports Show. It is sponsered by The Kittery Trading Post. Demos, lectures, and manufacturers for three days. Paddler heaven. This is my first time going, and there seems to be an opportunity to check out and purchase just about eveything a kayaker would need.

I’ll check them out
I’ll make stop at sealskirts right after I check out the other posts some more. There is a local shop if you call local about an hour away, and a couple even farther. The closest one is a very nice store, and seems to cater to the upper level budgets. but they do have high quality stuff. They couldn’t find a list with my kayak on it. Unfortunately, I don’t buy cars for the price they got for their kayaks - if you know what I mean.

Store it on the car?!?
I like that idea (rack or blocks were on my shopping list too).

Hmmmm - - and if I run out of gas in my car, and I’m up a creek close to home, I can paddle home too.

Might be interesting to see what kind of responses I get to a 16’ kayak on a 2 door Grand AM. I know there are kayakers north east of me in Cleveland, but I can honestly say I have never seen a kayak on a car before

Been looking for a swap meet
Haven’t found one yet.

Your not gonna believe this!!!
Seal Skirts doesn’t have a dealer in Ohio - kinda means I’m not gonna check the fit out with them.

Not a good way to start out.

My kayaks will stay of roof all summer
I’m SW of Cleveland.

Because I have some minor but serious enough health issues such as asthma, a weak knee, and a bad back. Once the kayak goes on my car is stay there (except for paddling hours) all summer long.

I get teased a lot for parking at work in handicapped with kayaks on my roof, but I sort of figure that the teaser just has no idea how heavy they are for me if I do it myself. Often I have help from other paddlers though.

My next vehicle, in a few years, will be shorter than a Van and easier to load.

I am touched stunned nobody has noted eBay. I have bought a lot of good gear there and saved a bundle.


Groups in Ohio
My group, Southeast Ohio Paddlers, welcomes beginners. Most of us are based around Cambridge, Ohio (where I-70 meets I-77)

Here’s our groups page:

Some members paddled Killbuck Creek in Holmes County last Saturday.

There is also Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, SOFA (Southern Ohio Floaters Association) and Ohio Historic Canoers Association.)

Where exactly are you?

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
I’m with COP, you may have to drive a bit (we have members all over the state and out of state as well)to get to us, but we’re getting ready to have our first round of classes for the summer (Saturday, May 27 at Alum Creek). You can see our newsletter at

where you will find an application for classes (April).

Whitewater Warehouse in Dayton has lots of gear and several demo days throughout the summer. There are a couple of vendors in the Cleveland area and, darn, I forget the name of the place in Chillicothe. Outdoor Source, here is Columbus has some gear too, only been there once, so I don’t remember brands, etc.

Paul’s Marine in Delaware has Old Town boats and is an NRS vendor, he can order just about anything for you.

Boats travel on our car all the time, if my husband is out of town, I may have boats on my car for several days at a time. Like someone said, you see a boat rack, you’re going to find someone to talk with, where ever you are. We travel to SC regularly w/at least 2 boats and 2 bikes on our car.

If I can help, you’ll find my number in the COP newsletter.

Paddle Power Boat Shop
in Chillicothe:

Also, Appalachian Outfitters in Canton and Peninsula:

No where close
Actually, I’m from New London, Ohio

It’s a one stoplight town in between Ashland and Norwalk

Where in Ohio?
NE SW ? If you want a Seal skirt Rutabaga in Madison WI will send you one fast …The Aquaterra Sea lion uses a pretty standard size skirt (Seals size 1.4) Also BMO will have some sort of skirt for that boat. I may be able to find you a Harmony at the local shop. I’m in NE Ohio.

Paddled one of those for a few years, is it composite or poly?

take 83 North to Sheffield Lake
To Ohio Canoe Adventures / Backpackers Shop they sell Perception and a number of others. take some money with you, this place has all sorts of goodies.


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