Best place to get closed cell foam

looking to do some modification to my new/used kayak. A NDK Greenlander Pro so its fiberglass if that makes any difference. Looking to make it fit me better with some closed cell foam. Not sure if I can get any locally? or is this something only a kayak shop would have? I have found a couple places online that sell kayak outfitting kits of foam. Closest Kayak shop with foam is over a hour and a half drive away. Also want to try something on the seat as it gets uncomfortable after a hour, maybe just some 1/2 inch foam glued to seat?


these guys have lots of options for kayak outfitting

Minicell is the standard foam for outfitting.

Redfish also makes nice foam seat to replace the fiberglass one.

Adding foam and raising your center of gravity will change the stability of the boat. Try it out before you glue it in.

best site I’ve found has all kinds of good outfitting materials.

best prices
Best prices by far at shops that do make or repair seats for boats and cars, medical uses, upholstery - that kind of thing.

They sell scrap pieces all the time, usually 24-30 inches wide and 36-72 inches long, in different thicknesses - 1/8 1/4 1/2 inch

I get both the gray closed cell foam we call minicell and neoprene black foam, also closed cell. The neoprene foam is even better as it’s got some texture and so it’s really good under thigh braces, on the seat, etc. Firm, grippy but good comfort.

I got enough foam to do 4 boats for under $20 and I still have enough left for 2 more.

Harbor Frieght…
has a grey closed cell foam they sell for shop floor padding. It sure looks like minicell to me. About 1/2" thick and very dense, I have it on the floor in the back of the Tahoe to protect the carpet. I’ve cut up one to make a light weight GPS holder for the boat.

Cheap, glueable, easy to cut with a sharp knife.

Have fun with it,


Closed cell and closed cell
Closed cell just means it won’t absorb water. The hard grey stuff commonly used to carve seats is hard to find other than kayak suppliers. But padding I’ve used kneeling mats for gardening sold at Walmart. For thinner padding - exercise mats or camping sleeping mats.

Great place

Eric is great and prices are great.


Sweet Composites

Ozark Mountain Country
sells mini-cell foam in just about any thickness or size you can think of:

If you have a private school that
has a white water program (as i do) they have lots of stuff like this. I called and wanted a small piece and when i went to pick up…it was a whole bag full. No need to return he said. They are different sizes and chunks, but who cares…it works. It was so awesome and 5 minutes from work. My closest kayak shop that sells this was also 1.5 hrs. away-so i feel your pain. What state are you in?

Thanks everyone
Thanks for all the suggestions. Now I just need to try it out then glue the foam in place.

Before you glue foam onto the seat
Just put the foam on the seat, unglued, and paddle it a time or two. See if it feels right. You might need a little thinner or thicker pad so hold off the glue till you know better.

Great suggestion, Pikabike
Wish you’d made it a couple of years ago…I glued one of those minicell seat pads you get with WW outfitting kits to my sea kayak seat with 3M Super77 spray glue. After discovering it made my sciatica worse, not better, I tried removing it. Hah! The seat’s in my basement waiting till I have a couple of extra days to scrape the foam off, molecule by molecule by molecule by molecule…

Of course, there’s no hurry, because the Merlin LT it came out of has a 6" hole in the side where it was T-boned by a WS Arctic Hawk while surfing…another project for my retirement!

That said, 3M Super77 is definitely the glue to use.