Best places to paddle in North Caorlina

If you've paddled in North Carolina what are you favorite spots?

Hammocks Beach State Park and Bald Head Island are two awesome places to paddle to. Both pushed me to my limit (I was on a SUP for Hammocks Beach with all my camping gear).

I'm thinking about paddling to and around Figure 8 island. Has anyone done that and if so any tips?

Your interest is only the coast
and flatwater? There are beautiful lakes in the mountains like Fontana.

There are too many good places…

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to list them all.
The state is a big state.
What are your likes and dislikes ?

-WW: try the Nantahala river
-Mild rivers: try the New river
-Inland Lakes: try Lake James with it's 70 miles of shoreline and the Blue Ridge mountains as your back drop
- Ocean: You have already mentioned a couple

there are many others that fall under the above headings

Jack L

What I enjoy

Thanks for the replies.

I enjoy adventure and pushing myself. Anything out on the water, but especially salt water – paddling out through marsh and to uninhabited island and white water.

Fontana, Really?
Granted it’s been many years since I was there. I went there many years ago after reading an article on it in Canoe and Kayaks or some other magazine. This was my first week long kayaking trip. I could not believe all the floating garbage this lake had.

Cape Lookout is the best Camping
Unless the wind is better for Shackleford Banks, but both are great and an easy paddle from Harkers Island Visitors Center or a tough paddle from Beaufort.

Camped on Shackleford Banks and had a great time. I’m not telling about a couple of places. They’re pretty secluded. Maybe they can stay that way a bit longer.