best possible roof rack layup for mpg

hi there,

Am driving Denver to Seattle with my playboat, creeker and slalom boat (in a small sedan). I have a stacker and have 64 inch bar spreads. Trying to figure out the best possible configuration to best the mpg. If needed I can try and stick the playboat inside the car.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


on their side
If they are all plastic, put them on their sides. I had 3 sea kayaks (1 fiber glass and two plastic) on a subaru legacy with J-bars turned backwards and then a stacker for the other two boats. We still got ~25MPG at interstate speeds.

Use cockpit covers
to smooth th eair flow around the boats.


but where?
Since I have a big spread … I can put two stacked together (facing each other on the side or on the hull) and then one seperately. I could spread them out at either ends in the hope that air can flow freely between them … but I am not so sure of that.