Best Price On Thule Racks?

Just wondering where the best price online is for Thule racks? Darn these things are expensive! I need to buy the complete rack system. Recommendations please?

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and many other sites will search many on-line retailers and list the results in price order for you.

I’ve had great luck with…
these guys:


What kind of vehicle?

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I have some I am about to list on the Classified section of this board. They were used on my Saturn LW200 wagon so they have the towers that clamp to the raised type factory rails. If they fit your vehicle I'll get off my duff and get them listed.......I also have a set with the type of clamps that fit in the upper door lip (was for a Saturn SL sedan). I got mine from the Rack Warehouse.

Why Thule, as opposed to Yakima, Saris, etc.? We have both -Thules on the Jeep, Yaks on the Mazda6 SportWagon -and they work equally well.

Indeed, there are a number of other, non-permanent possibilities as well…

You will be able to use Thule (or Yakima, or whatever) towers and bars virtually universally, but will need clips, and perhaps footpads, specific for your vehicle. Clips will conform to your doorjamb between the body and door -the door closes on them, so they’re made to fit so the door can fit, and are thus vehicle-specific.

The vehicle-specific feet and clips can usually fit a wide variety of universally-applicable towers (the parts that connect the car to the bar).

So think used and save some bucks, and only go new on what you need to.

Best of luck on your search. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to rack’em up and


-Frank in Miami

I considered buying used but I feel like when I spend $150 for a used rack, I still have to spend $50 more for a new fit kit because the one included most likely won’t fit my vehicle. So I am spending $200 anyway… I find you’re paying for something you can’t use without the extra $50 invested.

If anyone has a used rack, I need a gutterless system for my sedan. The reason I’m looking at Thule is because I like the looks of the new foot pack. Kind of a weird reason to choose a rack but o well.

Just got my rack
at the best price I could find through Agee Bike at They are 20% off Thule, but I bought Yakima and they were 20% off with free shipping.

Their web site is not the best though, but I did get my order exactly as promised.
I just got a rack at it was a Yakima, but it was about $40 cheaper than the list price plus free shipping and no sales tax.

Thule Racks
The best prices are on Ebay. Use the Thule fit guide on the Thule web site and then monitor Ebay. The best price retail online is They have the best price incuding shipping and are great to deal with.

I work about 1 mile from Sunrise Cyclery and bought my Mtn. Bike there. Pretty nice guys…

Second Agee’s
I second the Agee’s opinion. I’ve bought several accessories and racks from them of the past 10-15 years.

I’ve used both… and Agee’s over the past few weeks. Both were quick in getting the stuff shipped.

If you order small items from Rackwarehouse, the web site shipping costs calculate excessively high. Calling them on the phone got them to reduce the shipping to a more reasonable rate.

Agee’s website is very weak, but calling them and ordering over the phone yielded good results. They also offered free shipping for orders over $100.

If you are patient and use good sense, buying from E-bay will result in the lowest cost.

Good luck new and used
I have had good luck with RackAttack in the past. Just bought new feet from Agee’s - great price, free shipping, got them in 2 days.

I have a set of used Thule 400XT aero feet from my old car (old car did not have factory rack, new car does) I am selling. Actually bought the 400 Feet a few years back and added the new aero covers last year. If you are interested, let me know. You will still need bars and fit kit, but at least you’ll save money on the feet!