Best prices for Yakima carriers?

I am looking for anyone’s feedback on where they have received, what they perceive to be, the best possible prices on Yakima cartop carrier hardware. I need to get a rooftop system and I have narrowed my search down to the brand; however, it seems as if there is a great price fixing scheme out there on this stuff as almost all retailers are within dollars of MSRP. Please help!

REI Annual sale
REI puts Yakima racks on sale about once a year. I think I got mine in the spring.

What’s Wrong With Retail?
Its no “price fixing scheme” its a simple case of the manufacturer setting a retail price that allows the dealer to make a 35% profit.

Being a rack dealer is a commitment to product knowledge and a signifigant ammount of stock…ie $$$$$$. If there is no profit why would anyone carry them?

Possible source
Try this well-established Richmond Virginia bicycle shop that has discounts. I have bought rack components from them, but I have never ordered on line from them because I live an hour away. I am impressed with their staff and stock. Here is the web site: