best propane/butane fuels?

MSR? Brunton? Coleman?

Other than price, is there any difference between the three?

Pretty much all the same…
I’ve used a wide variety with my MSR stove and I have had the same luck with all of them - so now I buy the el cheapo and keep the money for other goodies…

I’ve wondered the same
But my unscientific conclusion is that Snow Peak fuel works better in winter condition. Unscientific as it has been spread out over many years of different fuels with multiple variables such as stove, amounts of water, air temp, how the canister was stored and so on. But the Snow Peak fuels seemed to burn with more pressure and didn’t wimp out as the end of the canister was neared.

the butane propane mix is pretty close to the same - more propane/less butane makes a better winter mix, but it doesn’t have the same burn energy. Take a look at the new(er) Jetboil Helios - the canister is inverted, so liquid fuel goes through the line instead, eliminating the cold weather issues of canister stoves. Packs pretty small, too, or at least it looks that way in pics!

Thanks for the info!
I suspected that the actual fuel was the same, but I noticed a wide range in pricing at my local outdoor supplier - with the Brunton fuel being the cheapest (probably 'cause they had the largest container).

I’ve been using a MSR Whisperlite for many years and just started using a micro P/B burner (MSR PocketRocket), so I had to wonder.