Best Queen Size Air Mattress

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I am finally going to have to down size from my Toyota Tacoma pick up to a small SUV like a RAV4.

The first thing that will have to go are my folding foam mattress pads. Two of them are 2'X 2'X 2'

I want a top quality mattress. We go camping a lot, and I really do not want to deal with a flat air mattress in the middle of the night.

I would prefer Boston valves so I can just use a a standard IK footpump

Colman double thickness

I’ve got a Coleman…
…and it’s worked fine. Their electric pump turned out to be junk, but manual pumping is no big deal with a dedicated high-volume pump. I’m not sure that there really are any especially high quality products out there unless perhaps some of those advertised as “air beds” are better than the “air mattresses”.

Self inflating mattress pads?
Would a self inflating mattress pad interest you? I find them far more comfortable then a real air bed, and in cooler weather they offer an insulation factor from the ground where an air mattress just makes you colder. I have the larges sized ones from REI, and love them. My dad has an LL Bean that is a bit thicker, but doesn’t roll down as tightly.



I have slept on some different air mattresses, and the only one that ever got close to be comfortable for me was an AeroBed brand one.

Yep. I Got Mine from Cabelas

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I was thinking a 54" self inflating mattress and then it occured to me that it would be akward to pack and store so I got two 25" wide that velco together, instead.

Got $20 off for ordering two, and free shipping. About $180

Sounds like you got a good setup, as long as they are thick enough you’ll be comfy. You can adjust the firmness by manually blowing in extra air.

If you want to go really plush go to WalMart and get a couple of twin size eggcrate foam mattress toppers and put them on top of the pads. Its sort of like a pillowtop mattress.