Best rack for 2 yaks?

whats the best Thule setup for transporting 2 yaks? Do most just strap them to the rack bars with foam blocks? I’m looking at getting two necky manitous instead of a tandem like in my previous post. Do you normally place them top down on the bars when transporting? I have no factory rack by the way and will be buying the towers plus bars, but do I need a hule raiser or some other fancy saddles?

For a pair of plastic boats, provided there is enough space side by side on the size bars you have selected, would be a pair of Top Decks. Good basic saddles made by Thule for about $80 per boat incl. straps and tie downs. If on edge then a Stacker at $110 would one way to go but make sure your parked on a level surface or the boat you just placed on your roof might come back to visit you as a hat as your bending down to get your paddle if the boat isn’t strapped down yet. Ouch!

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I paid $65 for a pair of Yakima

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stackers on sale at They carry Thule also.Kayaks travel very well on their sides.

Thanks Marshall, i have no idea the length of the bars selected. I was quoted $277 installed including straps and foam blocks from a local shop. I’m assuming this is just the basic rack with towers and bars. the basic rack system is $200 or more for my car. I’ll probably just go with what the do and purchase some saddles at a latter date.

I was just wondering where they would attach the straps if not using some kind of saddles, looking at pictures I’m guessing they can attach to the ends of the bars. When we rented the tandem they just used foam blocks and straps and the straps went through the car which sucked, kept hitting my head on them.

Check out Saris racks
Easy on, easy off, very strong. After trying them, I’d never go back to Thule or Yakima.

Don’t overlook a trailer!!
I have a small utility trailer (8’x4’ body, removable tailgate, “front gate” and long tongue). I made cradles of 4x4s mounted just under the bulkheads. I back up to the water and just pull the stern out… splash! To load, I lift the bow onto the rear cradle, go to the stern, lift and push… and I haven’t had to do a solo lift of 60 lbs up and over my head!

The trailer also hauls lawn mower, camping gear, deer/elk/pronhorn carcases, yard debris, college dorm debris, a refrigerator etc.

Our Honda minivan (old style) pulls it easily.