Best Reflective Deck Lines Are?

-- Last Updated: Sep-26-05 10:37 AM EST --

What are the best, i.e., most reflective, strongest, and least stretchy deck lines you all have found?

Thanks ahead of time,

The one's in the search I cannot find, i.e., Blue Water NiteLIne, and Glocord, by Sterling Ropes

second the question

I bought some today…
Bluewater Ropes… 4mm Niteline x 40ft. 1000lb. tensile strength.

FBO just got a shipment in, all colors…

I use Niteline
It has worked out well for me. The 40’ packages are really convenient.

merci buckets!
Will check them out. A friend just told me niteline is available at eastern mountain sports online also!

thanks all! If anyone has a source for sterling rope glorope that would be cool.