Best rescue potty......

Can anybody recommend a porta-potty device, either home made or purchased? Must work for a lady, who had sternly requested it. Thank you. mickjetblue

potty solution
Toilet seat, 5 gallon bucket, good quality garbage bag. Go big time and use a slice of old inner tube to secure the bag, and a blanket to cover herself.

She’ll be as close to the home potty as you can get - familiar seat and just about the right height. Nothing you buy will do much better.

Gazza - you are a genius!
Thank you for the ingenious response!

Carry out our bury
If it’s bury-cut the bottom out of the the bucket.

Tent for porta potty
If you’re going car camping or have room to spare in your canoe/kayak, then she may appreciate a privacy tent. Its floorless so no worries about the little splashes.,280&skunum=23904


Alternately, make your own three or four sided privacy screen out of a tarp.

I’m sure all the tarpoholics could give you detailed instructions on setting up taut tarps.


Porta potty
I take an old toliet seat, a real one. Two 1" x 2" boards about 30" long. Done. Find a couple pieces of wood (we use drift wood) about 8" round or a fallen tree with a fork in the brances, place the 1x2’s across and set the seat on the boards. Easy to pack, no dirty buckets.

Also most sporting goods stores like cabela’s or sportsmans warehouse sell a toilet seat that snaps onto a 5 gallon bucket, even comes with the bucket. Less than $20.


Do not laugh…
…when you see this. It seems silly, but it’s actually incredibly handy. Packs down to nothing, you can take it anywhere. No walls or door, though, so privacy is another thing altogether.

Go to WalMart and buy their “Hassock Potty” for around $20. It is a round container with a double lid (one actually will hold a room freshner:>), inside is a toilet seat and the liner is actually a bucket with a handle that you slip out of the “hassock”! It came in very useful up in Maine when the cabin’s outhouse looked very far away at night!!

Second the Hassock…
I’ve seen not much larger, heavier versions for double the Wal-Mart price…Wally World’s is best for price…

I have made a few
out of 5 gal buckets and the toilet seats made to attach. I usually add a 18 to 20" square of plywood on the bottom for stability because of an incident on a gravel bar where the pottie was in bury mode and the bucket sunk into the hole leaving my wife in an akward position.

Having the hole in then bottom is also good if for ‘high traffic use’. You can attach drum liners, feed it through the hole in the bottom and into a hole in the ground with pottie chemical. When you are done you just rinse the part of the bag in the pottie, release the top of the bag, pick up the pottie, and tie off the bag, and put it into the bucket for transport. Very thick bags, preferrably not clear are recommended.

We have a few primitave outings where we accomodate around 100 people for a weekend this way with 4 or 5 pottie setups.

Sportsman’s Guide also sell a small privacy shelter that folds up that makes a perfect out house for about $20.

PVC tube
4" PVC pipe, threaded at one end, cut to the length of your choice. Permanently glue a cap on one (unthreaded) end, with PVC cement. Removable cap on the other (threaded) end . All materials available at Home Depot, cheap. Stows easily in kayak compartments. Seals tight. Requires a bit of finesse during actual act of elimination. Can be cleaned off easily, carried & stored odor and leak free.

Bought one for the wife from bass pro for

9.95,cheap emough.Included seat,frame,bags

4" target
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

4" pipe? Gad zooks, after ah’ be ettin’ a heapin’ por-shoon o’ Spam an’ Tang, dat little 4" openin’ woodn’t be a big enoof target fer dis here polecat.

Fat Elmo

4" target pros & cons
Without delving ino the proctological ramifications of your reply , I will only say that this is ,like most choices, not without its drawbacks, in this case, not very luxurious, but a good solution where carrying & storage trumps camp luxury.

You just need a Yard-a-pult
and just fling it far into the woods. It’s like a trebuchet but smaller.

I bought a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat that snaps on the top and it also has a lid. It wasn’t very expensive. You can buy WAG bags from REI to use with it. The bags have chemicals that let you just dispose of them in the garbage after the trip. $25 for twelve, very convenient and they work. Any trip on BLM land requires a potty so I just bought some more WAG bags for the Green River trip in Utah this Spring. Used them on the Missouri a couple of years ago.

Circumstances and temperment
Depending on where you are and your ladies outlook you might get away with one of these. Available nearly everywhere there is an REI or EMS or outdoor store. Roll of paper sits neatly on handle while parked in ground.


Lots of options
Gazzarang is right, that’s about the easiest way to go. C&P the whole link:

Or if you want to go superfancy there are lots of options: