Best river fishing kayak?? Pls help me.

I’m about to purchase my first fishing kayak.i’ve used friends and rented from time to time. I’m looking for something I can take in smaller rivers with brush and narrow paths, so it will have to be manuverable and some what light bc of trees falling constantly.some where between 50 - 70 lbs. I might hAve to pick my yak and go around or over. And I plan to go on big lakes with decent waves. Plus I like to stand up on occasion and throw out so stability is a must… best option I’ve found is the ocean kayak trident 11 . Willing to spend around 1000$ please help me find the best kayak for me… MANUVERABLE… STABILITY…SIT ON TOP… Thank you again

Unfortunately more than you want
to pay, but this fishing kayak has earned some major accolades:

More options
There are some options out there that don’t require you to spend $1000 or more. I really like the Perception Tribe 9.5. It’s proven to be a versatile, lightweight, and well-performing kayak and it’s only around $500.

Some of the dedicated fishing kayaks are super stable but often heavy and sometimes are lacking in speed and performance but they could be worth checking out, too. There are some fishing kayaks that are only billed as such because they’ve added a couple rod holders on to an otherwise normal kayak. You can also always mount your own rod holders onto a normal recreational yak if you find one that you think will be suited for everything you’re looking for.

I’ve done some reviews on both sit on top and fishing kayaks on my page which you’re welcome to check out. You might find the information helpful: