Best Sea Kayak and SUP trailer and carrier

I would like to get recommendations for a kayak/SUP trailer to hook behind our F-150. I can’t lift the kayak on top of the car anymore due to a shoulder injury, so am looking for something lightweight, could carry at least two kayaks and/or two SUP boards. I need it light enough to also move off of the truck and store, that I could move myself into the garage for unloading the kayak/boards into a hoist.

I’m also looking for a kayak/board carrier to move the boat from my trailer to the water. I have a dual kayak/board carrier that is too complicated for me to use. It can carry up to 4 boards and then it can also carry one kayak. It was really expensive (from REI) and it not easy for me to use.

Thanks for tips

Yakima makes a good trailer. You described it perfectly. A friend does exactly what you said; leaves 2 kayaks on it and pushes it into the garage.
For vehicle to water there are several strap on carriers that are basically a cradle with wheels.

Good for you in staying active in spite of shoulder. I second the Yakima Rack and Roll trailer suggestion. However with this model or any other, why not just back it down to, or into water to unload from trailer? Why add the extra steps of trailer to carrier to water and back again? I can understand once home from trailer to hoist. But like String also suggests, just leave paddle craft on trailer assuming you can spare that garage space. If not the Yakima will fold up and can stand against wall.

I use a small utility trailer with a long tongue (like a boat trailer) and a box on the back. If I’m not hauling kayaks, I can remove the bars and use the box to haul other things. It’s a lot more versatile and also less expensive than a dedicated kayak-only trailer. (the straps that hold the kayak aren’t shown)