Best Sea Kayak Spray skirt I have owned!

Been meaning to share this with you guys. I bought a new spray skirt a couple of months back…a Prijon/Wild Wasser Monterey. I stumbled upon it online and was instantly turned on by its features. It has turned out to be the best skirt I have owned. Know it sounds like a pretty insignificant peice of gear but this skirt is pretty cool.

It is an all-neo skirt just like the SnapDragon skirts I have had in the past. The things that turned me on to it though was the fact that has a zip-up tunnel. I hate wrestling to get my skirt on, especially over a dry suit.

Other feature I really liked was the fact that it has zip up pockets on the deck. Great for a quick stow of sunglasses without scratching them by putting them in the PFD pocket.

I was a bit skeptical when I ordered it, but it has turned out to be awesome. The zip up tunnel is great. Put it on in a snap. Also seals better than my snapdragon (surprising). The deck is also perfectly shaped to aid in putting it on…again easier than the Snapdragon on all of 3 different boats I currently have (not an issue of deck size either as I have owned 3 different deck sizes in the Snapdragon and none were any better).

Also has a much better grab loop that you cannot accidentally seal inside of the cockpit like the Snapdragon (used to do that sometimes…not good).

Check it out here:

Downside…expensive! But was worth every penny.

No I don’t own stock in the company, just was really impressed with this purchase.


I use an all neo Snapdragon and like it as it does not leak. However, I also have issues getting it on and off. I go through contorsions getting my upper body through it getting it on and then more so pulling it down off of my hips. So a zipper would be great, but does it leak?

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I’m turned on by skirts, too.

No Leaks…
No, amazingly the zipper does not leak. I initially had my doubts too. Both the tunnel and the deck seal better than the Snapdragons I have owned, despite the fact that both the tunnel and the deck go on so easily.

Every time I paddle I will roll several times and will frequently submerge my coaming when edging. Also like to scull a lot submerging the coaming for extended periods of time. I have not had problems with it leaking.

On the other hand though I have been using a top with a spray skirt tunnel. Will have to try it without during warmer weather, but still think that it won’t be an issue. There is a good strip of neo on the backside of the zipper.


I’d like to…
I’d like to start making my own. It isn’t like I’d have to hunt a seal and kill it and skin it and cure the skin and trim it and make twine out of sinew and make a needle out of bone and…

Try stepping into it and pulling it up

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instead of putting your arms and upper body through first. It's much easier.

Ditto on the benefits of the Wildwasser skirts. I've been using their pocket neo model for about 4 years now. I have two (my Gulfstream and Shadow take different size decks) and I can also vouch for their customer service.

After a year my first one started developing holes in the deck. I showed it to the president of Wildwasser at the Southwest Kayak Symposium. He took it back, changed the neoprene they were using and sent me a new skirt. Can't ask for better service.

was excited
then read it was neoprene…old tech, look at fuzzy rubber spraydecks or the chillcheater stuff, if you live out of your kayak for several days it is easy to get tired of the spraydeck that never dries/